Pan that Palette 2018 Introduction: Modern Renaissance by ABH

Hi friends!

I wanted to introduce my Pan that Palette project of 2018! If you don’t know what a Pan that Palette project is, it is a challenge to pan / use as much product as you can in a specific palette.

Pan that Palette challenges are some of my favorite videos to watch on YouTube and even pictures to look at on Instagram. There is a whole community online for Project Panners and they pan all kinds of makeup items – its a lot of fun to see progress  updates and how much use you can get out of your makeup.

Reviews from Project Panners are also great because they really know the product since they have been using it repeatedly.

This is my first project pan and I am really excited to announce that I will be panning…. The one and only Modern Renaissance palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills!

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Modern Renaissance

My starting off point on the Anastasia Beverly Hills – Modern Renaissance!

I love this palette, it was one of my first high end palettes. It is so wearable and easy to use on an everyday basis.

Besides it being one of my favorite eye shadow palettes, it also has a 6 month shelf life so I want to get the most  use out of this palette while it is still safe to use on my eyes!

Starting off I have quite a big dip in Tempura (hard to tell in the picture). I use this shade to set my eyelids, all the way from my lash line to my eyebrow. I also have used Warm Taupe, Raw Sienna, and Buon Fresco quite a bit, although there isn’t very much of a dip. I love using those as all over lid shades. Cyprus Umber is great to deepen the outer V of my eye lid.

Vermeer, Primavera, and Antique Bronze are great shadow toppers to add some shine to any look.

I think I can get some good use out of Golden Ochre and Burnt Orange for transition shades.

The only shades that are not as wearable for me, are Red Ochre, Venetian Red, RealGar, and Love Letter.

My goals for this year is just to hit pan on every single shade! I feel like this is extremely doable given that I have all year and all of the shades are very wearable on an everyday basis. Wish me luck – I will keep you updated on my progress.

Let me know what eye shadow palette you have hit the most pan on or if you are doing a project like this!

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6 thoughts on “Pan that Palette 2018 Introduction: Modern Renaissance by ABH

  1. AWESOME idea for starting this on your blog 🙂 Think I need to do this too. Will you be sharing some looks you create with this palette? Can’t wait to see your updates 🙂 Great Post 🙂
    I would love for you to check out my latest post and blog xx


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