esfolio Sheet Mask Review and Comparison!

esfolio sheet masks

Hi Friends!

Today I have a review on two sheet masks from esfolio. esfolio is a brand that I am not too familiar with but I found these two boxes of sheet masks and I thought I would give them a try! I love sheet masks, they are so relaxing, soothing, and enjoyable.

From what I could tell from the esfolio website, the brand was established online in 2011 and originated in the Philippines. They have a range of body and skin care items and many different kinds of sheet masks.

Each set comes with a total of 10 masks. I found these mask sets at TJMAXX for $5 each but based on what I have found online, each set seems to retail around $23. Which isn’t a bad price for 10 masks!

Pure Skin Egg Essence Mask Sheet

esfolio Egg Essence Sheet Mask

The first sheet that I tried was the Pure Skin Egg Essence Sheet Mask. I was super intrigued by the use of egg yolks in this masks. I have previously tried green tea masks so I was more intrigued by this. Initial thoughts is that the mask is soaked in serum. I appreciate masks that give a bit extra essence/serum because I like to spread the extra down my neck and décolleté area.

It says on esfolio’s website that this mask solutions for acne, pores, and attributes to anti-aging and skin resilience and it is supposed to have a calming and soothing effect.

So far, I do agree that it is very soothing and calming which isn’t special for this sheet mask. I find almost every sheet mask that I use is pretty calming and soothing. I haven’t noticed any improvements to my acne or any particular anti-aging effects. However, I think anti-aging products usually do not show immediate results but something you notice after a time of usage.

I did notice that my face was particularly soft after I removed this mask – which I enjoyed!

Pure Skin Green Tea Essence Mask Sheet

esfolio Green Tea Essence Sheet Mask

I tried the Pure Skin Green Tea Essence Sheet Mask next and I will say that this mask seems different than other green tea masks I have tried in the past. It doesn’t have as strong of a green tea scent that I expected but it does smell really nice. Kind of like a floral, sweet, green tea. Same as the Egg Essence mask, this mask is soaked with serum. It feels really relaxing and soothing.

According to esfolio, this mask is supposed to keep your skin more hydrated and refreshed. It also helps clear your skin and enhance the skin elasticity.

Again, my face felt ultra smooth and soft after removing.

Ultimately, I really enjoyed using both of these masks! If I had to choose just one, I would pick the Pure Skin Egg Essence set again. Either of these masks will be great for any skin type, especially dry. They are very calming, which would be great for sensitive skin. I would definitely recommend for a relaxing spa night if you need just a little pick me up.

Have you tried either one of these masks? If not, what is your favorite sheet mask? I’d love to know!


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