5 Fave Beauty YouTubers!

Hi Friends!

Happy Friday! I hope you’re having a great day! Today I wanted to share my top 5 favorite YouTubers. These are all beauty related channels so obviously I am obsessed with them. Lately I have been enjoying smaller beauty channels so you may not be familiar with all these names but be sure to check them out because I promise, it will be worth it! I will link one of my favorite videos from each of their channels on their names.

1. Lauren Mae Beauty

Lauren Mae Beauty is my absolute favorite. She just has to be the most down to earth YouTuber that I have ever come across. She is so relatable, charismatic, and literally so fun to watch. I found her because of her panning videos, but she also has a variety of videos. I really enjoy her Tube Talks, where she addressing some beauty topics that could be somewhat controversial and just shares her thoughts! I also love her palette bingos where she will randomly pick X number of shades from a palette and make a look out of it. Its just so fun to watch.

She has a very unique makeup style, where she brings pink eye shadow up into her brows and somehow she pulls it off! She just is super unique and loveable. Plus she is from Arizona (same as me)! If you haven’t seen Lauren’s channel, please check her out!

2. Tati Westbrook

Next is Tati! You can always count on Tati to give honest, cut throat reviews. What I appreciate about Tati is that she is VERY thorough whenever she is reviewing something which makes it super helpful when you are looking to purchase something. She is a pretty big YouTuber but she also seems very down to earth and fun to watch. Plus her editing is out of this world! She always adds in these little funny clips or funny voices and its just so fun to watch her. Plus she uploads every single weekday so you can count on her when you need a YouTube  / makeup pick-me-up.

3. Stephanie Nicole

Of course, next is Stephanie Nicole. Stephanie is literally such an interesting beauty guru. She is SO SMART! She is my go to for learning anything about ingredients or formulas. She knows how to break down an item scientifically. And she is so funny, she just keeps it real in her videos and which makes her so interesting to watch.

4. Elle S

Elle S is one of the most underrated Youtubers that I have ever seen. She is so incredibly talented and creative with her makeup. She always has a very extravagant eye looks that are absolutely beautiful. You can tell that she really loves makeup. I found Elle S through Lauren Mae’s channel because she also does a lot of panning and has some really great tips on how to pan and use up your products. I really enjoy her take on certain products and her overall demeanor.

5. LivLovesHerMakeUp

Every time I see LivLovesHerMakeUp YouTube ID, I always think don’t we all. Olivia is no non-sense, don’t eff around type of girl. She is so brutal on items that she doesn’t like, its actually hilarious. She does some panning, but I mainly watch her for her brutal reviews. She is actually doing a project pan right now for all her Tarte products. She is boycotting Tarte because of the Tarte Shape Tape Foundation scandal (amongst other things) which is amazing. She is taking a stand for what she believes in and that is pretty cool.

Well, that is pretty much it! Definitely go check out all of these channels, they have all inspired me in one way or another to create this blog so I am happy to be writing about them! Let me know who your favorite beauty YouTubers are so I can check them out too!  Have a great weekend!


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