Dr. Jart+ DIY Shake & Shot Rubber Masks Review

Hi friends!

Today I will be reviewing the Dr. Jart+ Shake & Shot Rubber Masks (specifically the Hydro and the Brightening Masks).

These are fairly new masks, they launched late January and are $12 each. I remember I bought them the day they came to Sephora. They instantly looked so interesting and definitely something that I needed to try.

I had never tried any of the Dr. Jart+ masks or any other Dr. Jart+ products before so this is my introduction to the brand!

We obviously have to talk about the packaging.. And let’s be real, the baby face is creepy. I understand that Dr. Jart+ has this baby face on other masks and its supposed to symbolize a fresh, baby skin complexion but its creepy. I don’t really know why the baby face had to be the lid, it could have just been an image on the packaging like the Dr. Jart+ Lover Rubber masks but it is what it is.

Dr. Jart Shake & Shot Masks

I do love the colors of the packaging, I think its really cute and fun! Each set comes with a Shake & Shot rubber (Super Booster) parcel, the active ingredient (Liquid Ampoule) parcel, and a spatula.

To use these masks, you essentially mix both the ingredient parcels in your cup, cover the baby mouth hole on the lid with your finger, and then shake up. Note: its important to apply your mask within 2 minutes of shaking.

I don’t really understand why there is a hole in the baby’s mouth since you have to cover it with your finger to shake up. They could have make the spatula a little shorted to fit in the cup and then you wouldn’t have to get product on your finger in order to mix them. But besides that, these masks are fairly easy to mix together.

After the mask is mixed, use the spatula to apply the mask to your face. It should have a thick, rubbery texture to it.


Both of these masks came with plenty of product – I found myself making multiple layers just to use it all. I really enjoyed the consistency and the feel of each mask on my skin. They dried relatively fast so it wasn’t uncomfortable waiting for it to dry.

To remove the mask, you simply peel it off 15 to 20 minutes after applying. I experienced some parts on my face where the mask didn’t come up all the way and I had to go back in with a wet washcloth to wash off, which wasn’t a big deal.


For the brightening Shake & Shot Rubber Mask, I did notice an immediate brightening effect. My skin looked plumped and hydrated right after taking the mask off. However, I don’t think the effects lasted too long as I didn’t notice the same brightness the next day.

For the hydrating Shake & Shot Rubber Mask, again, I felt like my skin was hydrated and plumped right after taking the mask off but didn’t really feel like it had any long term effect.


I do like the way these masks made my skin feel ultimately but for $12 each, I expected a little more! They seem a little gimmicky. Plus, they came with so much product that I felt I could have made two masks which probably would have made them worth it. I feel like this is one of those products that you have to use repeatedly to see any long term results.

As I mentioned, I bought these the day that they came to Sephora but it took my around a month to get around to using both of them. I think these are a little too much hassle to use.

I would still be interested in using other Dr. Jart+ products but I won’t be purchasing the Shake & Shot Rubber Masks again.

Have you tried these masks? What did you think? I would love to know!


6 thoughts on “Dr. Jart+ DIY Shake & Shot Rubber Masks Review

  1. I do think the packaging is quite, and how you add the mixture and shake it up 😀 But yeah, the baby face is slightly creepy hahaha 😀 All of the reviews I’ve seen on it so far, haven’t been wowed by it :/ I do think the packaging it definitely what attracts you to buy it.

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