5 Beauty Faves in February 2018!

Hi Friends!

Happy March! I can’t believe how far into this year we already are. It seems like it was just New Years  Day, yesterday. But a new month means 5 more beauty favorites that I get to share with you!

Here are my favorite beauty products from February!

The first item is the LAVANILA Healthy Deodorant in Vanilla Blackberry. I am so happy to share that I used up my last Secret deodorant at the end of January so I am on to deodorants that are aluminum free. This has been my goal for quite some time but I wanted to use up the deodorants that I already had purchased but trust me, I am not going back. I was hesitant to try LAVANILA because I heard that  the Healthy Deodorants don’t have enough odor protection so people ended up going back to brands with aluminum but so far, I have been loving it!

I love the smell of the vanilla blackberry scent, it smells delicious. It is very smooth to glide on my armpit and I feel like I have enough coverage throughout my day. This will definitely be a repurchase.


The next item that I have been loving is the Crème Shop Cucumber Cleansing Towelettes (with brightening agents). I have to admit that the packaging on these makeup wipes sucked me in. I love bright peachy pink color. I love the smell of these wipes, the cucumber is very pungent but in a good way! Lately, I have been only using makeup wipes to remove excess mascara after I get out of the shower so I have been very impressed with the strength of these makeup wipes. They are very moist and have done a great job of taking my excess makeup off.


The third item that I want to share is the Kat Von D color correcting eyeshadow primer. Previously, I never really used an eyeshadow primer but after getting my hands on this one, I don’t know if I could go back to not using one. I really have noticed a difference in the longevity of my eyeshadow and I feel like it prevents creasing as well. You only need the tiniest bit so I feel like this will last a really long time but I definitely recommend this eyeshadow primer!


The next item was actually featured in my Sephora Skin Care Haul, it is the Lancome Paris Bi-Facial Double Action Eye Makeup Remover. Before I purchased this product, I would just use a makeup wipe to breakdown my makeup, and then go in with an oil or gel cleanser. But now, I feel like this makeup remover does such an amazing job of clearing my face before I cleanse. I feel like my cleanser is working a little better after using this. I have already nearly used half the bottle in just a short amount of time. It works really, really well.


And the last item is the Hourglass Ambient Metallic Strobe Lighting Palette! My amazing, amazing boyfriend got this for me for my birthday which was earlier this month. I absolutely LOVE it! Each shade is absolutely beautiful, the packaging is beautiful, and it was a really really thoughtful gift. I am so happy to finally have something from Hourglass and these highlighters are amazing!


What are some products that you loved this past month? What do you think of the products that I listed above? I would love to know!


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