Sample Sunday #9

Hi Friends!

I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday! I am actually writing this post ahead of time because I am going to Austin this weekend with my best friends! I am so excited. I cannot believe we are already a week into April, and this is the 9th episode of Sample Sunday!

Let’s just jump right into my thoughts of the samples this week:


1. Versace – Dylan Blue Perfume – Guys, I feel like an idiot on this one. I thought this was a perfume for woman and it clearly is not. As soon as I sprayed it, I knew that it was not for women. When I looked it up on Sephora, the page is really unclear on who it is supposed to be for. The only reason why I figured it out was because it was categorized in Men’s cologne. So I passed this sample over to David. I obviously won’t be purchasing this myself.

2. Tatcha – Violet-C Radiance Mask – I really liked this mask! I felt like it was really soothing and beautiful on my skin. I thought the texture was very unique and I thought the color was a lot of fun. I think I would be interested in this mask in the future but right now I have so many masks to work through that I don’t have any plans of purchasing this anytime soon.

3. Boscia – MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil – I have mixed feelings about this cleansing oil. It worked really well on my face makeup, I felt like my bronzer, blush, foundation, etc. just melted right off. However, it did not take off my mascara at all. I feel like if I am double cleansing, and specifically using an oil cleanser – it better take off my mascara. I won’t be purchasing this one.

4. Drunk Elephant – B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel – Again, I have mixed feelings about this. I feel like it was super hydrating and it felt nice on the skin but I am not really sure how it fits in my skincare routine. I don’t think this product brings anything extra to my skin that a moisturizer doesn’t.

5. Dior – Forever Undercover Foundation – The shades of foundation that came in this sample were a little too dark for my skin tone. I did use up one of the shades, and although I felt like the foundation wore fine, I felt all day like I was having a bad makeup day because my skin looked too dark. I would like to try this foundation again but in the correct shade.

So this week was kind of a flop. I am not overly interested in purchasing any of these items but that is okay! I still feel like I am continuing to learn about my makeup preferences.

Next week I will be trying:


1. Philosophy – Amazing Grace Perfume
2. Fresh – Rose Face Mask
3. Kate Somerville – Wrinkle Warrior
4. Giorgio Armani – Fluid Sheer
5. Milk – Blur Liquid Matte Foundation

Let me know down below your thoughts on any of the products that I mentioned in this post, I would love to know!! I hope you all have a great rest of your weekend!


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