Too Faced: Life’s A Festival Palette Review and Swatches!

Hi Friends!

I wrote a post not too long ago comparing the ‘Festival’ collections from Too Faced and Juvia’s Place. After writing that post, I ended up staring at the Life’s A Festival by Too Faced for awhile and determined that I really wanted the colors in my collection. Just looking at the variety and colorful shades really intrigued me.

I still stand my thoughts in the post that the collection didn’t make sense to me. I find unicorns to be childish and ultimately irrelevant to the concept of a festival. Too Faced just knows how to suck me in.

Let’s talk about the packaging. The packaging is beyond cheap and childish. The outside box has a gold, reflective unicorn with a rainbow swirl coming out of the corners of the box on two sides. The other two sides have clouds with the name of the palette and Too Faced printed on them.


The actual palette is a colorful, pastel rainbow with a cloud on the left side and a unicorn on the right side. The top of the palette is much different than I expected. It is puffy paper texture and  it looks like it was hot glue-gunned together. It does feel heavier than it looks, which is nice but overall I am really not impressed with the packaging.


This palette comes with 12 eye shadows and one highlighter shade. Starting on the outside of the rainbow on the left hand side:

  • Young & Free – This is a matte bumble gum pink shade and one of the few matte shades in this palette.
  • Rainbow Life – This is a shimmery bright pink shade
  • Sunset Dream – This is a shimmery bright orange shade
  • Fun in the Sun – This is a metallic muted yellow / gold shade.
  • Fireflies – This is a really unique yellow / green metallic shade. Possibly my favorite shade in the palette
  • Funtasy – This is a dark purple / maroon shade. In the pan it looks slightly glittery / shimmery but when you swatch it or blend it out on your eye it appears quite matte.
  • Dusk Teal Dawn – This is a shimmery teal shade.


On the inside of the rainbow, starting on the left side:

  • Euphoric – This is a beautiful dusty rose shimmer.
  • Desert Vides – This is a pretty normal tan / brown shade. I guess they put this in the palette to have a transition shade of some sort.
  • Beamin’ – This is a bright yellow / white shimmer shade.
  • Mystic Rain – This is a beautiful lilac shimmer.
  • Artist Pass – I am not sure how to describe this one, it is so unique. It’s like an iridescent purple.


The highlighter shade in the center of the palette is called Unicorn Tears. This is an icy white / purple highlighter shade.

The shade selection is beautiful for the type of palette that this is. It is not an everyday palette, it doesn’t have any neutrals so if you are looking for that kind of palette, this is not the one for you.

Here is one of my favorite looks that I have come up with so far from this palette!

I used the Tartelette In Bloom palette for my eye lid however, I used Dusk Teal Dawn to smoke out my lower lash line and then Beamin’ in my inner corner. This look is a little more tame out of all the looks I have created from this palette so far but it is one of the more wearable ones on a daily basis.




Here is another look that I came up with using more of the bright colors for the top lid! I used Fantasy on the inner and outer corners. (I love working with this shade, it was so easy to blend and so pigmented). And then I packed Mystic Rain on the center of my lids. Its hard to tell in the picture but I also swept Funtasy and Mystic Rain on my lower lash line.




Ultimately, I would recommend this palette if you are looking for bright shimmery shades. The formula and shade selection is beautiful – these are definitely quality shadows even if the packaging is lacking. If you don’t think you would wear shades like these, then of course its not worth it!

What do you think of this palette? Do you own it already or are you interested in buying it? I would love to know!


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