Forencos Deep Clean Pore Stick Review

Hi Friends!

I hope you are having a great day! Today I wanted to talk about the Forencos Deep Clean Pore Stick. This stick claims to clear blackheads in just 30 seconds so obviously I had to put it to the test. I have a lot of blackheads surrounding my nose and on my chin so I am always down to try something to get rid of them.

This stick is very easy to use. Initially, you apply a few drops to the area of your face where you are seeing the most black heads, and then you gently run the Pore Stick in circular motions over that area. The product will slightly build up / foam and then you can use your hand to rub it into your skin. After about 30 seconds or so, you wash off with water.


So I got this product on sale (of course) at Marshalls for only $3.99, however normally this retails for $23. I just want you to keep that in mind as I tell you my thoughts on this stick because it is definitely something that I would consider when it comes time to repurchase or not.

I have tried this stick 10 or so times now, I wanted to try it plenty of times before I determined my final thought. It is really gentle on the skin but definitely exfoliating which is exactly as you would expect. Immediately after using, I can definitely see a difference with my black heads (especially on my chin). My skin will immediately feel smoother and most importantly look cleaner! I do see several black heads disappear right after using the Pore Stick.

With that being said, the results only last so long. I am a person that takes really good care of my skin. I still manage to get pimples and black heads which suck but only a few days after using this stick I feel like my black heads are back in full force. I am not sure if I need to use this stick daily or just more frequently but I also don’t want to exfoliate my skin that intensely too often.

I also have a feeling that I could get similar results from a normal exfoliating cleanser however, what makes this stick a little different is that it has Vitamin E in it that will remain on your skin even after rinsing the Pore Stick foam off. The Vitamin E is supposed to keep your skin hydrated so the exfoliation doesn’t dry you out.


So ultimately, I do like this product! I feel like long term use will render some good results but what is lingering in the back of my mind is the retail price. I don’t know if this is worth $23. I wouldn’t even think about purchasing it again for $3.99 but I can’t rely on finding it at Marshalls.

Have any of you tried this Deep Clean Pore Stick? If yes, what are you thoughts? I am really curious to see if others have used this stick more frequently and what the results were. I hope you found this review helpful, feel free to leave me any comments below!


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