ABH x Amrezy Highlighter Review

Hi Friends!

I hope you are having a wonderful day, thanks for stopping by to check out my blog! Today I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Highlighter. I am sure you have seen this plastered all over the internet by now but I still wanted to give you my take. Before we jump into though, I was gifted this highlighted by a friend – I am a very lucky girl.

If you don’t know who Amra Olevic (AKA Amrezy) is, she is a very popular instagrammer. As I am writing this, she has about 5.5 million followers. She is obviously a very beautiful beauty guru and she always, ALWAYS has a blinding highlight.

Anastasia Beverly Hills is already pretty well known for their highlighters. They usually release Glow Kits that have 4-6 different highlighters in them. The formula for their highlighters are amazing so this collaboration made a lot of sense in my eyes.


As for the packaging, its very luxurious. The casing that contains the highlighter doesn’t feel too heavy but it feels really solid and the inside does have a mirror. As for the highlighter appearance, oh my god. It is one of the most beautiful highlighters or powder products that I have every seen. I am extremely drawn to the slight wave embossing and the color is out of this world.

I was a little nervous at first because in the pan, the color can come off a little gold which is an excellent highlight color for darker skin tones. But I have been quite impressed with how it applies across all different skin tones. They did a really nice job of making it diverse.


Because Amrezy always has a blinding highlight, I feel like I have seen a lot of reviews with also very blinding highlights. So I was surprised when I first tried this product that you can also get a really nice subtle highlight as well. You just gently apply your brush to your cheekbones once. If you want a more Amrezy blinding highlight then you can apply it multiple times in the same spot to enhance the effect.


In the swatches above, on the left is just one swipe with my finger, the middle is multiple swipes to build up the opaqueness, and the last swatch is completely blending out.

Ultimately friends, I love this highlighter. It has an absolutely beautiful effect on my skin. My cheeks look wet, and plump, and healthy every time I have used this. This single highlighter is $28 which is quite expensive but I would absolutely recommend it. I feel like I have seen work an enough people at this point, along with my own experience, that I feel confident in recommending it to others as well. It does come with a significant amount of product, about 9 grams, so if you can stick to just one highlighter than I really think you would get your money’s worth with this product.

“I live for the perfect glow-it’s a constant focus in my makeup routine. I’m always looking for the most luminous glow with a natural, second skin finish. This collaboration with ABH brings my highlighter dreams to life, and I’m so happy to share this “sun in a compact” with my Rezy riders.” – Amrezy

Let me know what you think of this highlighter! Do you already have it and love it or is it still on you wish list? I would love to know, just leave me a comment down below! (P.S. This post contains a sneak peek on an upcoming review, stay tuned!).


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