Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches!

Hi Friends!

Today, I have a very exciting review for you. As you can tell from the title, I am reviewing the Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Eyeshadow palette. I am sure you have seen this palette plastered across social media but of course I want to get my two cents in as well. I gave a little sneak peak to this review in my ABH x Amrezy Highlighter Review last week so here it is!

This palette comes with 14 shades, 3 that were previously in the ABH Modern Renaissance, and retails for $42. This is the same price as other Anastasia eye shadow palettes including the Modern Renaissance, Subculture, and Prism.

When this palette first came out, it got a lot of backlash for being too boring or bland. I almost didn’t pick it up, not because I thought it was boring but because of the repeat shades in the Modern Renaissance. It takes forever to go through eye shadows so I was really debating if I needed this particular palette in my collection but I ultimately decided that it was different enough to buy it.


The shade selection is very beautiful, it really is a range that can bring you from a normal day at work to a glam night out on the town. This palette has a lot more shimmery shades than the Modern Renaissance, and I personally feel like those are the stand out shades.

In the first row, you have:

Tempera: This is one of the shades that is duplicated in the Modern Renaissance. It is just a matte cream shade. I use it primarily to set my eyeshadow primer and highlight my brow bone.

Glistening: This is a nice champagne rose gold shimmery shade. Of course, you can use this as the main focus of your eyelid or as an inner corner highlight.

Orange Soda: This is a peachy matte shade. The main use for this for me is as a transition shade. I like mixing this shade with Burnt Orange to deepen my crease.

Rose Pink: This is a BEAUTIFUL rose pink (as the name would suggest) shimmery shade. GOD, this shade is amazing.

Sultry: This shade is a bit deeper pink / brown metallic shade. It looks different in the pan but applied, it reminds me a lot of Antique Bronze from the Modern Renaissance.

Bronze: This is a metallic gold bronze-y shimmer shade. It is absolutely to die for.

Mulberry: This is a deep maroon matte shade. I haven’t used this shade yet on my eyelid but it reminds me slightly of Red Ochre from the Modern Renaissance.


In the second row, you have:

Dusty Rose: This is one of this stand out matte shades in the palette. It is a beautiful deep lilac shade.

Fairy: This is light-gold / yellow shimmer, it’s a very unique shade in my opinion. I wore it the other day and really liked how it turned out.

Burnt Orange: This is another duplicate shade from the Modern Renaissance. It is exactly as the name describes, a burnt orange shade.

Sienna: This is a red-ish brown shade. It is good for deepening up the crease or adding some shade to the outer V of your eye.

Rustic: This is another stand out matte shade from the palette, it is a very earthy brown.

Cybrus Umber: This is the last duplicate shade from the Modern Renaissance, it is a dark chocolate brown. I use it mainly in my eyebrows because I have dark hair but it is also great to deepen the outer V.

Noir: This shade is just a normal black matte shade. I will say it takes a few swipes to build this up to full opaqueness.


These are the softest shades that I have EVER swatched in my life. They literally all felt like butter. I was so shocked when I initially put my finger in Tempera and then again in Sultry. I was blown away. I feel like all of them have amazing pigmentation except for Noir. Like I said above, I did have to make a few swipes to build that color up to how you see it in the image.

I did go ahead and swatch all of the duplicates so you could see that they pretty much still appear all the same. (Modern Renaissance is on the left and Soft Glam is on the right).


Going through each shade, this palette seems very inspired by the Modern Renaissance. I do feel like there are a few duplicates even on the original shades. Norvina (the daughter of Anastasia) said that she made this palette for her mother, that these are all shades that her mother would use all the time. I think that is great but I can definitely still sense the inspiration from their best selling palette as well.

I have been testing this palette out for while before I felt like I could write a full review but this is one of the looks that I came up with. Obviously it is more glam than soft. I tend to do a little bit extra on the weekends when I have time to take pictures and put on falsies.


Steps to recreate:

  1. Take Tempura all across your eyelid from lash line to brow bone.
  2. Make windshield wiper motions to dust Orange Soda in your crease.
  3. Use that same motion to apply Burnt Orange slightly lower than Orange Soda in your crease just to deepen it up.
  4. Use Rustic to deepen up your outer v.
  5. Stamp on Sulty from your inner corner to the center of your eyelid.
  6. For the lower lash line, sweep Rustic on the outer edge.
  7. Sweep Rose Pink on the inner edge of your lower lash line and then in the inner corner of your eye.


Every time I have used this palette, I have fallen a little bit more in love with it. I think I like it a little bit more than the Modern Renaissance which is crazy because I really love that palette as well. I think you would really enjoy this palette if you are looking for similar shades, the formula is out of this world. If you already own the Modern Renaissance then you have to use your own judgement. Obviously there is a lot of overlap so if you don’t have $42 to spend on an extra palette than don’t feel like you will be missing out on anything.

That pretty much sums up my review! Let me know what you think of this palette! Do you already own it, do you love it or hate it? I would love to know! Thanks for checking out my blog!


4 thoughts on “Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches!

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    • Hahah that is my struggle too! I am doing a pan that palette this year but I feel like I am neglecting all of my other palettes. This one is worth it if you ever decide to purchase it!


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