Sample Sunday #14

Hi Friends!

Happy Sunday and Happy Mother’s Day! Shout out to my mom (because I know she is reading). I have the best mom in the entire world. I could go on about how amazing she is but I know you came here to hear about the samples that I used up this past week. If you read last week’s post then you already know that this one is going to be a long one. I didn’t get around to using 2 of the samples the week prior to this one but I have updates on those and my usual 5 samples today!

Here is what I thought of this past week’s samples:


1. VERB – Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner – For once, a shampoo and conditioner sample gives enough product for an entire use! I did enjoy this sample, the shampoo and conditioner were nice. They didn’t blow my mind but they weren’t bad either. I didn’t really notice any immediate results which I wasn’t expecting but its hard to say whether this would really be worth it. I don’t think I am going to purchase, at least for right now.

2. Supergoop! – Everyday Sunscreen – I am really happy I tried this sample. I need to get better about actually using sunscreen! I felt like this one was super comfortable and sunk into my skin. It didn’t have a bad sunscreen smell at all so I was impressed with it. Now that it is getting to be summer, I think I am going to try to wear products like this more. As of right now though, I am not going to run out and purchase this one. I am going to take a look at my collection and see what already has sunscreen in it and try to use what I have first.

3. Hermes – Twilly d’Hermes  Eau De Parfum – I really did not like this perfume. I usually like the perfume samples each week but I have to say, this one is really bad. It smells too much like alcohol when you initially spray it and then it smells kind of like licorice. As it fades it gets better but I don’t want a perfume that I only like as it fades. There are too many good ones out there (cough cough Marc Jacobs) to not enjoy it the entire time you are wearing it.

4. Makeup Forever – Skin Equalizer in Smoothing – This is another sample that I really liked this week. It really smoothed my skin and blurred my pores. I really liked the feel as a rubbed it in and as I wore it throughout the day. I did see this on sale a few months ago at Sephora so now that I have tried the sample, I think I would purchase this on sale but I am not going to run out and buy it. I have mentioned this before but I have too many primers to go through before I have any business buying new ones.

5. Fresh – Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream – I know I have tried this sample before – I don’t know if it was part of my Sample Sunday series though. I still really like this cream, it feels super refreshing and nice on the skin. It has a sort of green tea scent to it which is soothing. I really enjoyed this. It is a little expensive though and I have plenty of moisturizers to go through before I would think of purchasing it. But I would recommend it based on the samples I have used.

6. Urban Decay – All Nighter Waterproof Full-Coverage Concealer – I was pretty impressed with this concealer! The sample was pretty wimpy so I could only really conceal a few spots on my face but I think it did a great job actually applying some coverage. I am not going to run out and buy this product though, we will see when the time comes to buy a new concealer if I should actually purchase this one.

7. Kat Von D – Studded Kiss Crème Lipsticks – I actually already own one of the studded lipsticks from Kat Von D and I do like it a lot! I am not overly keen on any of the shades that were in this sample but I do like the formula and the longevity of the lipstick. I would recommend this to you but I am not going to rush out to buy any more shades right now.

For next week I will trying the following samples:


  1. Nest Fragrances – Black Tulip Eau De Parfum
  2. Boscia – Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel
  3. Origins – Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega – Mushroom Skin Relief
  4. Smashbox – Photo Finish Lid Primer
  5. Marc Jacobs – Shameless 24 Hour Foundation (and Undercover Perfecting Primer)

I hope you stay tuned to next week to hear what I think of next week’s samples! Let me know if you have already tried of them that I mentioned above! I would love to know your thoughts!


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