It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product Review

Hi Friends!

Today, I wanted to write a review for you on the It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product but spoil alert, this is my favorite hair product in the world. I discovered this product in a Pop Sugar Must Have Box awhile ago and I have been hooked ever since. Pop Sugar initially sent me a pretty small bottle, I think it was the 2 oz. one, but I have bought a few 10 oz. bottles since.

This Miracle Leave-In Product has 10 claims to fame. Not only does it claim to do these 10 things but it also says that the results are INSTANT!

  1. Repairs dry, damaged hair
  2. Add shine
  3. Detangles
  4. Controls Frizz
  5. Seals & protects hair color
  6. Prevents split ends
  7. Stops hair breakage
  8. Creates silkiness
  9. Enhances natural body
  10. Flat iron spray & thermal protection


I pretty much agree with all of these claims. The biggest things that this product does for me is repairing damage, detangling, and creates silkiness. When it comes to detangling, this product is a miracle product for me! Coming out of the shower, I usually have pretty tangled hair and it can be kind of painful to brush through sometimes but not after a spray this stuff through my hair. It instantly detangles is and makes it smooth to brush through.


The only claims that I don’t see “miracle” results from are controlling frizz and enhances natural body of hair. My hair is pretty flat, I usually can only get some volume after blow drying it. But still overall, this leave-in spray is pretty amazing! I usually just spray this in my hair right after the shower. You only need 3-5 sprays each application.

You can find It’s a 10 products at various retail stores including Target, Ulta, Walmart, etc. so it is pretty accessible. The 10 oz. bottle is kind of expensive, the price is around $37 but it does last me around a year. So although it is a lot all at once, its not something that you would have to purchase all the time.

So that is about it for me today! Let me know if you have ever tried It’s a 10 before and what your favorite hair care product is. I would love to know!



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