Juvia’s Place: The Magic Palette Review and Swatches!

Hi Friends!

I hope you are having a wonderful day so far! Today I wanted to talk about The Magic eyeshadow palette by Juvia’s Place. This was my very first Juvia’s Place palette, I’ve had it for a little less than a year but I am ready to share my thoughts with all of you on it!

I was so drawn to this palette because of the beautiful pops of color! I rarely wear these bright colors but I couldn’t help my self. Juvia’s Place definitely knows how to put colors together – not just in their eye shadows but also with their packaging. I love the artwork on the front with the two women – they just look so powerful and beautiful. According to the website, The Magic Palette was “inspired by the moon and sun goddesses. A beautiful fusion of cool and warm tones.” You can tell with the two woman which one represents the moon and which one represents the sun.


Beyond the artwork on the palette being beautiful, the packaging is also pretty nice. It isn’t too heavy but it feels sturdy enough and it has a magnetic latch which I love. It is quite a large palette, one of the biggest ones in my collection and in the Juvia’s Place repute.

Let’s talk about the eyeshadows though, because that is what really matters. This palette has a total of 16 shades, 6 of them are matte and the other 10 are metallic shimmers.


For the top row:


Nubia: This is an amazing gold shimmery shade. Unlike some other palettes, this is a true true gold color. It looks absolutely beautiful in the sunlight.

Zakiya: This shade is a matte terracotta red / orange color. It looks more red in the pan but when you swatch it and apply it to your eyes, it comes across more orange. This is one of the better mattes in the palette.

Osun: This is a baby pink shimmer shade. It actually is quite opaque which I didn’t expect it to be. It feel so smooth when swatching too!

Kesi: This is a muted cream / tan matte. I think it is hard to see in the picture because this shade nearly blends into my skintone. I like using this shade to set my eyeshadow primer. It blends like a dream.

In the second row:


Zuba: This is pink shimmer shade. It is slightly darker than Osun but has the same texture and feel to it.

Nana: This is a matte light orangey-tan shade. This is really the only transition shade in the palette but it doesn’t work with all the other shades (in my opinion).

Boronu: This is a dusty gold / brown shimmer shade. It looks absolutely beautiful with Nana. I think this is one of the most wearable shimmery shades in the palette.

Kogi: This shade looks like a true red in the pan but it comes across as slightly like a hot pink when you swatch it. It also blends out really beautifully.

Here are all the shades swatched together. These are the 8 shades that represent The Sun Goddess on the right side of the palette. They all work so beautifully together.


In the third row:


Faso: This is a BEAUTIFUL duo chrome purple silvery shade. This shade reminds me slightly of Mystic Rain and Artist Pass from the Too Faced Life’s A Festival palette.

Aja: This shade has quite a unique formula, it looks like a shimmer in the pan and swatched out but it feels almost like a matte. It doesn’t have that same buttery feeling as the other shimmers in the palette. It is a nice midnight blue shade though!

Vai: This is a dark grey shimmery shade. I absolutely love Aja and Vai next to each other, it just reminds me of a starry midnight sky.

Yemoja: This is a beautiful silver shimmer shade.

In the forth row:


Ife: This is a dark purple / blue matte shade. This is one of the disappointing shades of the palette. It is not as pigmented as you would expect it to be. It took a lot for me to build it up to the color in the swatch.

Yara: This is a teal / green shimmery shade. It swatches just a beautifully as the other shimmer shades in this palette.

Buzo: This shade is probably the most beautiful shade in the palette. It is a bright green shimmer and it is absolutely gorgeous! It makes my heart melt.

Yejide: This is a dark blue matte shade. Unfortunately, it is like Ife and not very pigmented. You can build it up to be completely opaque but I personally don’t have time for that.

Here is what the last two shades look like altogether, you can again see the inspiration from The Moon Goddess.


If I had a choose between the top and the bottom halves of the palette, I think I would choose the top half just because those shades are more up my ally on a daily basis but the bottom half does have more unique shades. It would really just come down to your preference. Luckily, you don’t have to choose because they are all included in this palette!

Although all of these shades are beautiful in the palette, I am not the biggest fan of the dark matte shades: Ife and Yejide. These are the only two shades that I generally stay away from. I just can’t make them work on my eyes. But even if you take these two shades completely out of the palette, I would still repurchase this palette. Of course this palette isn’t a one stop shop time of palette. It doesn’t have some of the basic shades that you would need to create a makeup look (all the time) but it does have a lot of beautiful accent shades.

The shimmers are literally made in makeup heaven. They feel like the same quality as Anastasia Beverly Hills and I don’t say that lightly. Anastasia is one of my favorite brands and I absolutely LOVE their eyeshadows.


This palette retails for $28 which kind of teeters between high end and drugstore pricing. Either way, it is ABSOLUTELY worth it. The pan sizes are huge so if you are someone who can get frequent use out of this palette, I would absolutely recommend it.

For the first look, I didn’t use this entire palette. Like I said, its hard to get a complete look out of this palette but I wanted to show you Faso as an accent shade. This is pretty much how I use the palette (with just one accent shade usually).


This is my Sun Goddess look using Nana and Boronu shades.


Extra Eye Look Steps:

  1. Use Kesi to set eyeshadow primer
  2. Use Ife to deepen outer v
  3. Press Yemoja all over the lid


So that is pretty much it for me today. Let me know below what your favorite shade is in this palette? Do you already own it, what are your thoughts? I would love to know! Also let me know if you are interested in more Juvia’s Place reviews. I own almost all of their palettes!


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  2. Ooo…I love how these shades look but I’m sad you said the blue and purple mattes needed built up. I don’t have time for that either 😔 I might still end up buying this though 😂 Love the eye looks you came up with!

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