30 Days of Powder Foundation!

Hi Friends!

So I wanted to challenge myself to only use powder foundation for 30 days (similarly to the 30 days of sheet masks challenge). After I completed this challenge though, I realized, I didn’t learn as much as I expected to.

Before I started this challenge, I had never used powder foundation before. When I first learned how to do makeup, I initially learned with a liquid foundation so I didn’t really know about a powder version until I started getting more into makeup. Although I had never used powder foundation before, I had bought a couple compacts awhile ago so when it came to this challenge, I was prepared!

I mainly used the bareMinerals BAREPRO Performance Wear Powder Foundation in Natural 11. I was initially surprised by how much coverage came from this powder, it obviously wasn’t as much as my liquid foundations but it was more than I expected.


What I really liked about the powder foundation was that it looks really natural. It looked mostly like my skin but just with a little bit of coverage. It also felt really light weight and for the most part, only took me a few minutes to apply. With liquid foundation, I spend quite a bit of time dabbing it into my skin and making sure it is all even and blended. Powder foundation was a lot easier to spread around.

The biggest struggle of using this foundation was that I hit hard pan only after a couple of weeks of use. After those couple of weeks, it became incredibly difficult to pick up any product with my foundation brush. I actually had to scrape at it with my fingernail in order to scrape away the hard pan.


I also used the Too Faced Cocoa Powder Foundation in Golden Light. I liked the coverage and application of this powder as well but I always felt a little yellow in my complexion after applying this foundation.

Overall, I think I will mostly be sticking with my liquid foundation on a daily basis. I think if I was super busy and didn’t have time for a liquid foundation then a powder foundation would be nice to use but overall I think a liquid foundation better suits my needs. I am glad I did this challenge though. I got some use out of products that I had never used before.

What do you think of powder foundation? Do you prefer liquid or powder or do you not even wear foundation? I would love to know!


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