Ulta Beauty Mini Haul!

Hi Friends,

I know I just did a Sephora Sale Haul but I also picked up a few things from Ulta Beauty because they were also having a sale. You know your girl can’t resist a sale. I only picked up a few items but I figured I would share with all of you anyway!

The first item I picked up was the Tarte Tartelette (the original) eyeshadow palette. This palette was on sale for $29 when it is usually $46! I really wanted to round out my collection of the Tarte Tartelette palettes so I was really excited to see this one on sale. These are all matte, neutral shades so you can’t really go wrong with owning a palette like this.



The next item was the Tarte Tartlette Toasted eyeshadow palette! This palette was also on sale for $29 and it is much newer than the original Tartelette palette. I think I was most excited to see that this palette was on sale. This one is the warm tone version / addition to the Tartelette collection. I am in love with the packaging!


And lastly, I picked up the Benefit Blush Bunch minis. This item wasn’t actually on sale but I thought this was a great deal to try all of these products from Benefit. I think I own most of them already but I really love the Benefit bronzer / blush formulas so I can never have enough. I have been wanting this set for awhile so I thought I would just add it to my cart while I was already creating an order.



I know this was a short haul but I just wanted to share all the new items in my collection. Let me know down below if you would be interested in any reviews for the items that I mentioned above. Also let me know if you own any of these products already and what your thoughts are! I would love to know!


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