Anastasia Beverly Hills: Prism Palette Review and Swatches!

Hi Friends,

So a few weeks ago I did a Palette Bingo Challenge with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism eyeshadow palette and it inspired me to get some more use out of it. And of course, because I have using it over the past couple of weeks here and there, I wanted to share with all of you my thoughts!

This is one of those palettes that just flew under the radar which is unusual for Anastasia Beverly Hills since they are such a hyped up brand. It came out late last year, right after the Subculture palette so I think people were still hesitant of ABH eyeshadows. I personally wasn’t super drawn to the shades at first because I knew I wouldn’t get a lot of use out of them but once it went on sale at Sephora, I had to get it.

Anastasia makes some of my favorite eyeshadow palettes of all time (the Modern Renaissance and the Soft Glam palettes) but I will say right off the bat that Subculture and Prism have completely different formulas.

The packaging however, is the exact same as the other palettes from Anastasia. It has the  velvet cover on the front with gold text. Prism does have a design on the front of the palette though, unlike the other palettes which are just text.


So without further ado, lets get into the shade selection. This palette consists of 7 shimmery / metallic shades and 7 matte shades. The colors are quite unique and dark, it isn’t a palette that I personally would get daily use out of but at the same time it is fun to play around with color every once in awhile.

In the top row, you have:


Lucid – This is the definition of an icy shade. It it pretty metallic and whitening. I love using this shade as an inner corner highlight and a brow bone highlight.

Eden – This is a beautiful peachy pink matte shade. I love how feminine and girly it is.

Unity – This is a light tan matte shade. It is really the only shade in the palette that I use as a transition shade. It is so easy to blend but there really isn’t anything special about the color.

Sphinx – This is a deep gold shimmer shade. It is really a beautiful shade, both swatched and on the eye.

Osiris – This is beautiful dark blue / lilac shimmer shade. It reminds me of Peach Passion from the Too Faced White Peach palette.

Sphere – This is probably the most unique shade of the palette, it is this neon yellow / green shade. It reminds me of the Clinique Fit collection.

Obsidian – This is just a matte black shade. I really don’t use matte blacks so this isn’t something that I really care about in the palette. It is similar to Noir in the Soft Glam palette, it took a few swipes to build up to full opacity.

In the second row, you have:


Dimension – This is a soft purple silver shimmer shade.

Parallel – This is a matte brown shade. It isn’t as good as Cyprus Umber from the Modern Renaissance but it is a pretty decent shade. I understand why they included it in this palette.

Pyramid – This is a bright gold shimmer shade.

Throne – This is another very unique shade to this palette. It is this green / blue / black shimmer shade.

Saturn – This is a terracotta red / orange matte shade. I personally don’t like this shade that much. Its not that it doesn’t perform well but I don’t like this shade on my skin tone.

Eternal – This is a deep gold  shimmer shade, it is very similar to Sphinx but has a bit more glitter in it.

Lure – This is a brown / purple matte shade. I really like applying this all over the lid.

Overall, this shades are a lot of fun! They feel like butter when I was swatching them, I am really impressed with the performance of this palette. I would recommend this palette if you are interested in playing with some color! I have seen that people are finding this palette at TJ MAXX so if you are interested, I would suggest doing some hunting there so you can get a good discount!

If you haven’t checked out my Palette Bingo yet, then I would suggest doing that to see another look that you can do with this palette! Do you already own this palette? What are your thoughts on it? I would love to know!!


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