Laura Lee Los Angeles: Cat’s Pajamas Palette Unboxing and First Impression! | Part 1

Hi Friends!

I have to say, I never thought I would own this palette. This is the Laura Lee Los Angeles Cat’s Pajamas palette that was released back in late 2017. This palette was created by Laura Lee who is a very popular YouTuber with over 4 million subscribers. I do follow Laura Lee on YouTube but she isn’t exactly my favorite YouTuber of all time. I like her content mostly and she does have a very kooky personality which makes her fun to watch sometimes but she isn’t someone that I have to watch all the time or anything like that.

I also should say that I don’t buy YouTuber releases just to support that person. I know a lot of people will do that if they really like that person but I care more about the product and if it will work for me and in my collection.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I never thought I would own this palette. Mainly because this palette does retail for $40 which is very expensive, especially for a new brand like Laura Lee Los Angeles. It just didn’t intrigue me enough to purchase at that price. However, you know your girl cant resist a sale. Laura Lee was having a sale on this palette just earlier this month which was 40% off this palette and free shipping. So curiosity got the best of me and I went ahead and bought it.


Her site was so incredibly easy to use. Checkout was so simple and her customer service emails were really straight forward and made it easy for me to track and understand when I should expect my palette. I received my palette in less than a week which was better than I expected.

I was extremely impressed with the packaging. It came in a cute baby pink shipping box which has the Laura Lee Los Angeles logo on the inside. There was an insert for the Nudie Patootie palette which was nicely placed on top of the Cat’s Pajamas palette. And then the actual palette was wrapped in black tissue paper with a sticker to secure it. It was definitely a luxurious package to open. 10/10 on that Laura.


So when this palette first released, I had absolutely no interest. There is SO SO SO much to say about the packaging on this palette. I know you have probably heard so many people talking about it but I want to talk about the packaging too because I think the packaging was the biggest turn off for this palette.

There is absolutely no consistency when it comes to the theme and design of this palette. There are flowers on the uni-carton and on the inside of the palette, even surrounding the mirror. The front and back of the palette is  covered in silver glitter. I don’t think a lot of people have talked about this but there are also little pink paw prints and a small image of a cat stretching on the top side of the palette which is really hard to see. I actually thought it was just a print bleed when I first saw it, I didn’t even recognize the paw prints.


And then of course, there is the name of this palette which is Cat’s Pajamas. Laura Lee even said the shade names were names that people called her or said about her so she wanted to include that in the palette as well. So as you can tell this palette has A LOT going on with this palette.

She did get a lot of flack for the packaging of this palette and has since released a different palette called Nudie Patootie which has a much cleared theme and design. So she has improved on her brand since this initial launch.

A positive about the packaging is that it does feel pretty heavy and luxurious. I think this palette is a good size for a palette. It seems like it would be easy to travel with as well. Also, although the mirror is slightly obstructed by the floral print, it is still enough to see what you are doing.

Well, I am going to break this post into two parts because I didn’t realize how much I had to say about this palette. Please stay tuned for part two which will include my final review and swatches. Also comment down below what your thoughts are on this palette so far! I would love to know!




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