Milani Cosmetics: Coral Cove Powder Blush Review

Hi Friends!

I know I just did a Milani review but I couldn’t wait to review this blush! This is the Milani Coral Cove Powder Blush. Similarly to the Most Loved Mattes palette, I am really impressed with this product. This blush retails for $9 which is really affordable.

Before we jump into the actual product, I have to talk about this packaging. The packaging is absolutely beautiful. It looks and feels so high quality to me. I love the clear lid because I like being able to see which blush I am reaching for. Plus, the clasp feels so sturdy. I know that doesn’t sound like a big deal but it is to me.

Not only is the packaging beautiful but the flower embossment of the actual blush is to die for. Sometimes I think this blush is too pretty to use. I am absolutely so drawn to this blush for so many reasons.


As for the actual blush itself, it’s beautiful. When I first tried it, I was caught off guard by how pigmented it was. I accidently applied a little too much and had to tone it down with some powder. Regardless, it was so beautiful.

This is the perfect time of year for a blush shade like this. It is a light coral – pink shade. Although I don’t see this shade being used on an everyday basis, I really do enjoy it. I don’t think it is the best with darker eye shadow looks but if you have a light more natural eyeshadow on, then this blush will really pop. It blends really well into the skin. When used really lightly, you can hardly tell that it is there. It just adds a nice light blush to the cheeks.

Here is a swatch of Coral Cove with the full pigmentation and then a swatch of it blended out.


I definitely recommend this blush! It is completely affordable, classy packaging, and an incredible product. I am really impressed with it. Have you tried this blush before? If so, what do you think of it? I would love to know!


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