Dominique Cosmetics: Lemonade Palette Review and Swatches!

Hi Friends!

I am so excited to be talking about the Dominique Cosmetics Lemonade Palette today! If you aren’t familiar, Dominique Cosmetics was started by Christen Dominique who is a really well known and popular beauty guru on YouTube. She initially launched an eyeshadow palette called “The Latte Palette” and the Lemonade Palette is her second item launch. This palette released as part of a collection which also included 4 liquid lipsticks. I just picked up the palette though!


This palette did retail for $42 but I just couldn’t resist. Everything about this palette inspires me so much. But before we talk too much about the palette itself, I wanted to talk about my customer experience. I ordered this palette on June 19th and it was delivered on June 25th which I thought was pretty fast. They sent emails along the entire order journey, even when it was out for delivery which was very nice.

The package on the outside is just a normal brown cardboard box, on the inside there was the Dominique Cosmetics logo. The palette was wrapped in bubble wrap and tissue pack with a cute gold DC sticker. The package also included a cute letter from Christen thanking me for placing an order with them. The palette also came with a gold sleeve which looks really luxurious.


As for the palette itself, it is just beautiful. It has this gorgeous watercolor wash of yellow and pink. On the inside, you have a large mirror which is a nice addition. And then the SHADES. Oh my god. They are just everything. This palette includes 10 shades, 4 matte and 6 shimmer.


Let’s talk about each one! In the first row, you have:

Lemon Soda – This is a bright shimmery yellow shade.

Pink Lemonade – This is a soft pink lemonade shade. I think they nailed naming this shade because it really does look like pink lemonade.

Nude Tea – This is a cream nude matte shade. It is perfect to set a lid primer or as a transition shade.

Peach – This is a shimmery peach shade.

Cucumber – This is a sea foam green shimmery shade.


In the second row, you have:

Mango – This is a golden, mango matte shade. It looks absolutely beautiful as a crease shade for any of the other colors in this palette.

Sweet Tea – This is a burnt orange matte shade.

Chai Tea – This is a matte brown red-ish shade. It looks more brown in the pan but swatched, it is more dark red.

Strawberry – This is a bit deeper pink shimmer shade but it is still pretty bright!

Blueberry Fizz – This is a deep blueberry shimmer shade.


Overall, the shade selection is beautiful. I think the way they named the shades are spot on to how they appear. My only complaint is Pink Lemonade and Strawberry are a little too similar. I think there was an opportunity to include something else. Some of the shades on the top tow, like Pink Lemonade and Peach. They are still nice shades but I think it would nice for them to have a little more punch like the other shades in the palette.


I LOVE this palette, I think it is really unique and inspiring. I love the quality of the eyeshadow and the palette itself. The only thing that would make this palette better is if it smelt like lemonade. Here is a look that I put together with this palette!


Let me know what your thoughts on this palette are, I would love to know!


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