Hawaii Adventures | Arriving in Kauai

Hi Friends!

As I mentioned in my last Adventures post, my family went on an AMAZING vacation to Hawaii last year. It seems like it was so long ago already but I still wanted to get my thoughts and experiences out there for my blog!

Hawaii is unlike any other place that I have been. Everywhere you look it is absolutely beautiful. Even flying in, the ocean just looked so blue and inviting. When we were flying in, we actually had to catch 2 flights. We flew into Oahu initially since that island has a bigger airport and accepts flights from the Dallas. We then had to immediately catch a flight to Kauai which is where we were staying for 9 days of our vacation. We got held up on the tarmac for over an hour because they were doing maintenance on the plane that was parked in our gate so we had to run to our next flight. It was kind of stressful because we obviously weren’t familiar with the airport and had to first figure out where we needed to go. But we ended up making it so it was perfect!


We met up with my family in the Kauai airport and my Nana surprised us all with a flower lei which was so thoughtful and beautiful. We then got our rental van (which we got to fit all of us) and headed to lunch! We went to this restaurant that was right on a beach! I could not believe how beautiful this beach was. It was like something you would see in a movie.


Of course, when in Hawaii, you have to have sea food so I had a delicious crab cake with rice and vegetables and a beer. After eating, we headed to our house rental to unpack and relax.

The house was absolutely incredible. This house was 2 stories and had 3 bedrooms in the main part of the house and then this secluded bedroom and bathroom as an attachment. My parents generously took the bedroom with two twins so that David and I could sleep together in the king bed upstairs. It also had a private pool, a large living space, and wrap around patio. But the best part of the house was the view. You could see the ocean and the green mountains from the patio.



One of the first things we wanted to do was get ourselves set up in the house so Nana, David, and I ran a few quick errands to a store nearby. On our way to the shops, we stopped by a beach so David and I could do some quick swimming. It got dark really fast so we didn’t stay long in the beach but I saw a turtle pop his head out of the water! It kind of scared me because I didn’t want to accidently step on it and I couldn’t really see so I got out and sat with my nana on the bench and soon after, David came out and we went to the stores.

So that was the first day of our adventure! We were in Hawaii for 13 days so I have a lot more to share! Stay tuned to hear more about our Hawaii adventures!


7 thoughts on “Hawaii Adventures | Arriving in Kauai

  1. I’m officially jealous right now! I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii and reading this and see your photos, I want to leave right now! How sweet of your Nana btw to girl you the flowers. I love them! 🌺

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