4th of July Inspired Eyeshadow Look!

Hi Friends!

Happy 4th of July! I hope you all are enjoying your day off if you are in the USA. Today I wanted to share an eyeshadow look that was inspired by this independence day. The look that I put together is pretty basic (as far as the style) but obviously I had to incorporate red, white, and blue!

I did have to dip into three different palettes to get the colors and look that I was going for. The three palettes that I used were The Saharan II By Juvia’s place, The Masquerade which is also from Juvia’s Place, and then the Artistic Palette from Make Up For Ever.


The first shade that I used was Zohra from The Saharan II. This is the shade that I used for the red in my look. I started out just spreading this shade in the crease of my eye and then focusing a lot of the color on the outer v of my eye.


I then took ME-122 from the Artistic Palette and spread this on the inner half of my eyelid. I initially just took a packer brush and tried to spread that all over the inner half but the color payoff wasn’t as white as I wanted so I ended up using my finger to stamp that shade on my lid. I also used my finger to stamp it on the inner corner of my eye and brushed it slightly on my lower lash line. As this shade overlapped Zohra a little, it does look pink in some spots which I don’t really mind. It looks more natural with a little bit of overlap.


And finally, I took Dalia from the Masquerade palette as the blue shade and brushed it along my lower lash line. I did take this shade a little out to kind of create a faux wing and mix the red and the blue a bit.


And here is the overall look!


I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial. I had a lot of fun thinking up this look. I knew I wanted to use the red, white, and blue shades but there were honestly endless possibilities. Let me know below what you would have done for a 4th of July inspired look! Also let me know how you are celebrating today! I would love to know!


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