Too Faced White Peach Palette Bingo | Total Fail!!

Hi Friends!

So I wanted to do another Palette Bingo because I had so much fun with the last couple of palette bingo challenges that I did. If you aren’t familiar with a Palette Bingo, it is essentially where you select a palette from your collection and you pick random shades from it to do a single makeup look. The last two palettes I chose were the Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Palette and the Juvia’s Place Zulu palette which are very colorful palettes which make them a challenge but also a lot of fun.

Today, I chose the Too Faced White Peach palette. I did a review on this earlier in the year and it is one of my FAVORITE palettes of all time but I haven’t gotten a lot of use out of it since I have been focusing on the ABH Modern Renaissance for my Pan that Palette of 2018. So in an effort to mix things up, I wanted to pull this palette out and I thought what better way than to do a Palette Bingo with it.

Although this palette has a lot of muted shades because it is in a sense a soft glam palette but it also has some fun, unique shades as well. There is a lot of variety in this palette, or so I thought.

As you can tell from the title, this challenge was a TOTAL FAIL. I picked 4 random colors using a random number generator on Google and I happened to choose all muted shades. These are the 4 shades that were selected:

5- Peach Sorbet
4- Crème De La Peach
10- Fuzzy
2- Peach Suede


All of these shades are absolutely beautiful, I don’t have anything to say about this palette however, because they are so muted it was nearly impossible to do a palette bingo for a couple of reasons. One, Peach Sorbet is so close to my skin tone so it is hard to make it pop over pictures. Two, Peach Sorbet and Peach Suede came across and nearly identical on my eyes. IT was so hard to show that I was layering colors, it just looked like barely anything. Three, Fuzzy did not stand out next to Peach Sorbet and Peach Suede either.

The only shade that popped in the look that I put together was Crème De La Peach. But to me, with a palette bingo, I want every shade to be unique and shine in its own way.

I still love this palette but it was the wrong one to select for a palette bingo. I think it would have been great if I chose some of the deeper tones or even more of the shimmery shades but that is how it goes sometimes. I didn’t manipulate the random number generator because then it wouldn’t make it a challenge.

Well, let’s jump into how I used these shades anyway just so you can see how difficult it was for me. I did start with applying Peach Cream all over my lid and under my brow bone. I then took Peach Sorbet and applied it in the inner and outer v of my eye. I wanted to do a halo type look with this one.


I then took Peach Suede and blended that over Peach Sorbet to deepen up the inner corner and the outer v (this is where is started to fail).


I then took Crème De La Peach and stamped that with my finger on the center of my eyelids. As you can tell, this shade stood out the most.


And lastly, I swept Fuzzy on my lower lash line. I did also try to add it to my outer v but it didn’t really show up on top of Peach Suede and Peach Sorbet.


And here is the final look!


It ended up being a pretty look, I actually enjoyed it quite a bit but it wasn’t a good palette bingo. This is how you learn and its okay that this one didn’t go so well. I am happy with how this went overall. But that is it for me, let me know what your thoughts are! I would love to know!


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