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Hi Friends,

Welcome back to my blog! I know my blog is mainly focused on beauty products but I have also been wanting to share some of my travel adventures too. I have been so lucky to have been to so many places in my life and last week I posted about arriving in Kauai and how Hawaii was the most amazing vacation of my life so far. Today, I wanted to share a little bit more about that vacation.

One of the things that my family did a couple of times was go to a few different Farmer’s Markets in Kauai. My mom is an artist and my dad loves cooking so we thought we could find some unique items at the local Farmer’s Markets to either keep as souvenirs or to cook with!


One of the first items that I bought was some coconut juice. I saw that one of the vendors had a truck full of coconuts so both Kelsey (my sister) and I bought one. As cute as the coconut was for Instagram though, the coconut juice was not good at all. It tasted kind of bitter but oh well, it was about trying something new!



My mom and dad bought a TON of fruit. Of course, pineapple and mangos and then they also bought a ton of liche which is a unique fruit that I had never tried before. It is a hard shelled fruit that you bite to break into and then the inside tastes like a peeled grape. That are quite tasty!




Kelsey bought a few avocados so David could make us all guacamole. David is KING of guacamole, so we all thought that we could pick up the ingredients and he could make it for us. Well it ended up being a HUGE FAIL Firstly, Kelsey (bless her soul), bought avocados from this Farmer’s Market for $2 each. It was such a rip off. And the locals totally knew that we were not from there because right after Kelsey bought them, we heard the vendor tell a local that the avocados were only $1 each. Secondly, there were no jalapenos at the whole market so she opted for some other spicy peppers.


The avocados were not ripe at all so we basically waited 7 days for them to ripen up and tried all of the tricks. We kept them outside, in a brown paper bag but they never really got ripe. It was coming close to the end of our time in Kauai so David tried to go ahead and make guacamole anyway. The avocados barely had any actual fruit to them. The pits were huge and the mix of them not being ripe and the spicy peppers was so bad.

Making the guacamole was hilarious though. David kept saying that we all got rooked and Kelsey was pissed because she was the one that actually bought it all. And it helped that we were all drinking margaritas!

Overall, the markets were a lot of fun! I thought it was kind of non-touristy thing to do which made it special. I won’t ever forget how bad that guacamole was though.


2 thoughts on “Hawaii Adventures | Farmer’s Markets

  1. The liche were my favorite fruit from the trip. I also discovered on the trip that I hate quac and kinda always have. But the memories of this fiasco was well worth the money!

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