Violet Voss: Flamingo Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches!

Hi Friends!

I am so excited to review the Violet Voss Flamingo Eyeshadow Palette today. I was scrolling through the Sephora mobile app, per usual, and I was debating between the new Urban Decay Born to Run palette and this palette. I decided to get this palette because I think the colors are little more exciting for summer and I have never tried Violet Voss eyeshadows before.


This palette retails for $45 and it comes with 20 shades, 11 matte and 9 shimmer. I know this palette is expensive but each shade only comes out to be $2.25 which is less than ColourPop and Makeup Geek.

As for the theme of this palette, its just okay. I don’t really feel one way or another about flamingos. I kind of feel like they took the unicorn / mermaid theme and just changed it slightly. However, I do like this is very summer themed. It is quite appropriate for this time of year! The palette itself is quite heavy, it feels high end. When you open it, you have a large mirror on the left and all of the eyeshadows on the right.


What I REALLY don’t like about the design of this palette is the clip art flip flops and flamingo on the mirror side of the palette. It just looks so cheap. But the packaging is not as important as the eyeshadows! Let’s jump into the shade selection.

In the first row, you have:

Flamingos – This is dark coral matte shade. It is a little orange for a Flamingo but still beautiful. I wish this shade was called Flamingo (singular) to match the palette name.

Donut – This is a pink raspberry shimmer shade.

Flip Flops – This is sheer glitter shade with a slight bit of pink in it.

Bikini – This is a BEAUTIFUL lilac shimmer shade. I was so excited about this one. It is one of the more unique shades.


In the second row, you have:

Oceanfront – This is a soft mint matte shade. I must say that this shade does not reflect very pigmented on the eye but it is still a good transition shade for the darker teal blue shades in this palette.

Tidal Wave – This is a true teal shimmer shade. It is really pretty.

Beach Ball – This is a dark turquoise matte shadow. It doesn’t initially have a lot of pigment either but can definitely be built up which fine with me. Sometimes you don’t want a too strong of a shade at first.

Watermelon – This is a soft watermelon pink matte shade with a slight bit of glitter.


In the third row, you have:

Lemonade This is a matte yellow shade. This shade seems to be pretty popular this summer. I am really enjoying it!

Pineapple – This is a muted yellow shimmer shadow. When swatched or on the eyes, it almost comes across slightly gold.

Popsicle – This is a true orange matte shade.

Sunbathe – This is a light orange shade with a little bit of glitter in it like Watermelon.


In the fourth row, you have:

Surf – I LOVE this shadow. It is a shimmer blue / silver shade which totally reminds me of the ocean.

Coral – This is a more pink coral matte shade.

Island – This is a bright gold orange shimmer shade. I also LOVE this shade very much. It feels like a Juvia’s Place shadow and is blinding on the eyelid!

Sand – This is a matte cream shade which is necessary for me in every palette. I use this shade to set my eyelid primer and as a brow bone highlight.


In the fifth and final row, you have:

Seashell – This is a sheer iridescent pinkish shimmer shade. Its kind of beautiful as an inner corner highlight.

Pinwheel – This is a dark rose shimmer shade. It reminds me completely of the Vlada x Smashbox highlighter collaboration.

Sandals – This is a burnt orange matte shade.

Sunnies – This is a matte black shadow.


As for the over palette, it really is beautiful. I think they did a lot of things right. I would have liked a medium / dark purple shade. Also there are a little too many similar shades, like Coral and Flamingos and Watermelon, I don’t think this palette needs all of those shades. Also Popsicle, Sunbath, and Sandals, I know they are all different but they are all matte orange shades. I would have liked a few pops of green.

I know you’re not going to please everyone, I can see myself getting a lot of use out of this palette. It is obviously a lot of fun! I am excited to use it a bit more.

I know this post is already so long. I am going to post some looks that I created in my next post so stay tuned! Also let me know down below what your thoughts are on this palette! I would love to know!


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