Sample Sunday #23

Hi Friends!

Happy {Sample} Sunday!! I am back at it again with my thoughts of 5 more samples this week. If you aren’t familiar with this series, I am testing out 5 samples every single week and then each Sunday sharing my thoughts on those samples and my decision if I would purchase the full size or not. This series has been going pretty strong so far!

Here is what I thought of last week’s samples:


1. Nest Fine Fragrances – Citrine Perfume – This perfume was just okay. I didn’t really care for it, its not that it smelt bad but it is not a scent that I enjoyed wearing. I felt like instantly washing it off and wearing something different. So it’s a no for me.

2. Hermes Paris – Eau Des Merveilles Bleue Perfume – I really dislike this perfume. It smells like vanilla flavored alcohol. I literally couldn’t stand it. I know that is harsh but I would never buy this.

3. Alterna Haircare – Caviar Anti-Aging Shampoo and Conditioner – My problem with shampoo and conditioner samples is that they are never a large enough sample. The shampoo was fine, I mean it cleaned my hair. The conditioner was fine from what I could tell. I ended up adding a bit of my Briogeo conditioner to cover my whole head. But neither were spectacular, I don’t think I will purchase.

4. bareMinerals – Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream – WOW, I loved this “foundation”. I was really nervous that it wouldn’t have enough coverage but it was actually better than I thought. It felt so nice on the skin and had a medium coverage which was nice. I would definitely purchase this in the future.

5. Cover FX – Glitter Drops in Mirage – This is actually a pretty cool sample. This “highlighter” is extremely glittery. I actually think you can use these drops anywhere on your body. I don’t think I would ever purchase this though. I don’t really have a use for glitter. I think this product was good, I mean it wore nice and looked beautiful but I don’t have a use for them.

For next week, I will be using:


  1. Tocca – Florence Perfume
  2. Giorgio Armani – Fluid Sheer
  3. GlamGlow – Galacticleanse Melting Jelly Balm Cleanser
  4. BareMinerals – Luxe-Shine Lipstick
  5. Lancome – Monsieur BIG Mascara

Stay tuned if you are interested in hearing my thoughts on those samples that I mentioned above. Also let me know your thoughts on anything I mentioned above! I would love to know!


4 thoughts on “Sample Sunday #23

  1. Oh I got that Alterna shampoo & conditioner from my Play! Box. I absolutely loved it & was able to use it 3 or 4 times!! I never use conditioner for my whole head though. Just the tips of my hair.

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    • Yeah, I know that is what you’re supposed to do (just put conditioner on the ends of your hair) but I can’t help but put it all over! I go through conditioner so fast! Do you like the Play! Box? I have been thinking of signing up!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Lol I understand, if my hair didn’t get greasy & just got soft every time I used conditioner, I’d use that much too. 😉 & I have a ton of Play! Box reviews on my blog if you want to read them. I think they’re okay but, I prefer Birchbox & Ipsy, I think. I like having all 3 though lol.

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