Advanced Clinicals: Collagen Anti-Aging Gel Mask Review | Part 4

Hi Friends,

This is part 4 of my Advanced Clinicals Power Quad Mask Set review. Today, we will be talking about the second gel mask in this set which is the Collagen Anti-Aging mask. I have already reviewed the Charcoal Detoxifying Clay Mask and the Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Gel Mask so make sure to check those out as well.

For this mask, Advanced Clinicals claims that it will nourish and purify your skin as well as “reduce excess oil and redness to blemish prone areas with Rosewater”. I was a little surprised that a collagen mask would remove redness or be any good for blemish prone skin. I usually see collagen masks being used for wrinkles / fine lines and this mask claims to help those things too but I was just also surprised by the redness claims. I kind of feel like Advanced Clinicals claims that each mask will do everything and anything you could possibly need. It kind of comes across as disingenuous.


I am happy to report that this mask has a much better smell than the Hyaluronic Acid mask. I was nervous because they are both gel masks that they would smell similar but the Collegen mask is much sweeter.

As for the texture, it is very similar to the Hyaluronic Acid mask. It feels a little bit more light weight, almost like jell-o. I noticed that the Hyaluronic Acid mask has a few air bubbles in it but the Collagen one is just straight gel. I don’t know if that has anything to do with the texture.


This mask felt extremely cooling on the face. It felt really nice however it also kind of tickled. It reminded me of a bubble mask, I was having a hard time not itching my face. I really liked the cooling affect and you already know at this point that I like feeling like my masks are actively doing something for my skin.

This one really impressed me. I didn’t know how I was going to feel about this one but it felt really nice. Again, I think this is definitely worth the $10 from the Advanced Clinicals website. I haven’t noticed any crazy improvement to redness on my skin but I do feel like it was moisturizing and refreshing and probably had some healthy affects on my skin.

I hope you come back tomorrow to see my final review of the Vitamin C Exfoliating Clay Mask but until then, let me know your thoughts on the Collagen mask. Have you tried it? Do you have other collagen bases masks? I would love to know!


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