ColourPop Mini Haul!

Hi Friends!

I recently did a little shopping on the ColourPop website! This was actually my first time ordering directly from ColourPop. I previously picked up some of their items when they were briefly at Sephora. So its been awhile since I have tried anything new from them. But they have had a few intriguing releases lately though and I was finally intrigued enough to place an order!


I ordered 5 things and unfortunately, 4 out of the 5 things came broken. I know sh!t happens but I feel like ColourPop really didn’t wrap it all that well. Everything was in the same small, thin piece of bubble wrap so I am not really surprised that most of it came broken. I immediately reached out to them and they sent replacement items but at that point they were having a sale so there were a lot of orders to fulfil. It took an extra week to get to me. My initial order was placed on July 1st but I didn’t get my items until July 13th. When it comes to reviewing new items, its really important to get them as soon as possible but whatever.

Let’s jump into the things I got!

Mar Shadow Palette

This is one of ColourPop’s newest eyeshadow palettes and of course the blue and bronze shades drew me in! This was released with the new Sol + Mar Collection which include this palette, the Sol palette, 4 Super Shock Highlighters, and 3 liquid lipsticks. The Mar palette was inspired by the Sea. This palette only retails for $12 and comes with 9 shades so it was a steal!

ColourPop Mar Palette Review | Tayler's Edit

Sol Shadow Palette

Of course, I bought the sister palette to the Mar palette. Instead of being inspired by the Sea, the Sol palette was inspired by the Sun! It has mostly orange coral shades as well as some bronze shades like the Mar palette. This one also retails for $12 and comes with 9 shades so it’s a really good deal!


No Filter Foundation

It was such a big deal when ColourPop released this foundation! There are 42 shades which is an incredible shade range! This foundation also only retails for $12 and includes .85 oz of product plus it comes with a pump. I am really excited to try this foundation!


Lux Lipstick in Afterglow

I have never tried any ColourPop lipsticks but they looked so beautiful on the website that I couldn’t resist picking a few up. This one was included in the their butterfly(?) collection so it has the striped butterfly uni-carton. I am so impressed with how this lipstick feels though – it truly feels lux and it only retails for $7.

Lux Lipstick in Big Break

This lipstick is so beautiful! Again, I love the packaging. Because it is just a regular lux lipstick the packaging is white and gold. This one also only retailed for $7. I have worn this one a couple of times since I got my order and I love it so far!

Well that is it for me today! I hope you enjoyed this mini haul from ColourPop. Let me know if you have any of these products and what your thoughts are! I would love to know! Also stay tuned for more reviews coming soon!


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