Hawaii Adventures | Kauai Coffee Estate

Hi Friends!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday! Today I wanted to share another adventure from my family vacation last year to Hawaii. One of the fun things that we did was go to the Kauai Coffee Estate. We just couldn’t resist – we all love coffee and thought it would be fun.


The whole estate is really nice! Kauai Coffee offers tours or you can just walk around yourself at your own pace. I think we just missed the tour so we decided to walk around ourselves. The coffee orchids surround a walking path that we took around the entire estate. All throughout the walking path were cute signs or engravings about coffee.


The garden area had more then just coffee plants but different types of trees and flowers. As you walk through, you can see many of the different machines that they use to harvest the coffee beans and they also posted informational signs so you could learn more about the estate overall. I think my dad is the only one who actually read them though!



We started out walking around and checking the estate out and then we went inside for some coffee tasters. The coffee was AMAZING! They had so many different flavors, ranging from light roast to dark roast. And you could have as many tasters as you wanted. My parents and Nana ended up getting some coffee beans to take home too!



They also had an ice cream stand inside, and since it was such a hot day – we all got ice cream after drinking hot coffee.


Overall, it was a fun afternoon! It was just nice learning a little bit more about local businesses in Kauai and tasting all of the yummy coffee! I definitely recommend the Kauai Coffee Estate if you are travelling to Kauai.

Thanks for checking out my blog – let me know down below if you have ever been to the Kauai Coffee Estate and what your thoughts were!


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