Sample Sunday #24

Hi Friends!

Welcome back to my blog and my Sample Sunday series! If you aren’t familiar with this series, I choose 5 samples each week to test out and decide if I am interested in buying the full size. I have accumulated SO many samples from Sephora so this series is really to work through all of them and just to have fun trying new things!

So here is what I thought of last week’s samples:

Sephora Samples #23 | Tayler's Edit

Tocca – Florence Perfume – This perfume smells nice, it is sweet and florally. I just have too many perfumes so I am not interested in purchasing this one right now.

Giorgio Armani – Fluid Sheer – I have already used a sample of this illuminating cream before and its just okay. The more I have used it the more I have liked it but it still isn’t worth the Giorgio Armani price tag. I am just not interested in ever purchasing this.

GlamGlow – Galacticleanse Melting Jelly Balm Cleanser – I actually got so much use out of this cleanser. It was enjoyable for the time that I used it but I didn’t think it was anything amazing. I didn’t notice that my skin looked nice or felt any better after using it but I am happy I tried it. Won’t be purchasing it though.

BareMinerals – Luxe-Shine Lipstick – The color of this lipstick is so beautiful. I wish I could pull off a deep red lipstick like this but although I won’t get a lot of use out of I still really like it. It wore beautifully and was super opaque. It will take forever just to go through this sample so I won’t be purchasing the full size.

Lancome – Monsieur BIG Mascara – I wanted so bad to like this mascara! Unfortunately, it made my lashes super clumpy. It basically gave my 3 lashes which it not a good look. I just expected more from this one. I won’t be purchasing it.

For next week, I will be trying the following samples!

Sample Sunday #25 | Tayler's Edit

  1. Giorgio Armani – Acqua di Giogia Eau De Parfum
  2. Fresh – Soy Face Cleanser
  3. Becca – Backlight Priming Filter
  4. Farmacy – Honey Savior Repair Salve
  5. NARS – Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation

Well that is it for my today! I hope you all continue to have a wonderful Sunday, thank you for checking out my blog. I hope you subscribe! Let me know down below if you have tried any of the products that I am mentioned above and what your thoughts were! I would love to know!


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