ColourPop: Mar Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches!

Hi Friends!

I wanted to have this review up so much earlier but unfortunately my first order came like all broken. I absolutely HATE when that happens. ColourPop like really didn’t package it very well to be shipped so I’m surprised that it came broken. I ordered 2 lipsticks, the No Filter Foundation, and the Mar and Sol palettes and four our of the five items came broken. So they did send me a replacement order and luckily they all came fine the second time.

So this palette was released as part of the Sol + Mar Collection which include 2 eyeshadow palette, 4 super shock highlighters, and 3 liquid lips. I just bought the 2 eyeshadow palettes because that is what I was interested in! This review is focused on the Mar palette but I will also be reviewing the Sol palette in a separate post!


I wanted to say first thing is that I noticed on ColourPop‘s website that they aren’t calling this an “eyeshadow” palette. They are only calling it a “shadow” palette and I think that is probably because there are a few shades in these palettes that are not eye safe.A lot of times if there is a dye that hasn’t been FDA approved, they could stain the eyes and therefore they wouldn’t be considered eye safe. This isn’t really a concern for me but I do think ColourPop should be a little more transparent about it.

So the Mar (sea) palette includes 9 shades which are mix of matte, metallic, and satin shades. And it comes with a mirror! It retails for $12 and currently is only being sold on ColourPop’s website.


The packaging is really nice, I love the size! It is just a simple which palette and then on the front is the palette name in metallic teal print. On the back of the palette, there is a stick with the shade names all listed out.

Let’s jump into the shade selection! In the first row, you have:

El Rey – This is a soft peachy gold satin shade. It’s a really beautiful soft shade, I used it as an inner corner highlight and it looked really nice. It is the closest thing to an inner corner highlight in the entire palette.

Wild One – This is a bright copper metallic shade. Its another really beautiful shade but when you swatch it, it does have some chunks that you have to blend out. On the eyes, you just have to be careful to blend it out before the chunks fall on your cheeks.

Detour – This is a matte dark cobalt blue eyeshadow. This is one that I think could stain your eyes if you put too much on or if you really pack it on. You do have to build it up to full opacity.


In the second row, you have:

Boozy – This is a soft yellow / orange satin shade. ColourPop describes it as an orange and it definitely looks orange in the pan but it actually comes across a lot more yellow. This is probably the least pigmented shade in the palette to be honest.

Gridlock – This is the shade that we have all been waiting for! This is a bright teal shimmery shade with little flecks of silver glitter. It is SO pigmented and beautiful. Definitely the star of the palette.

Sorbet – This is just a matte cool toned soft brown shade. It is a good shade. I am glad they included in since this palette needed a transition shade, especially since it doesn’t have a cream matte shade to set the eyelid.


In the third row, you have:

HWY – This is soft sea foam satin shade. It is pretty soft but still a beautiful shade.

Top Down – This is a dark chocolate matte shade. It’s a nice addition, nothing crazy. Very pigmented and dark.

My Way – This is a metallic bronze eyeshadow, another absolutely beautiful shade and a great formula.


Overall, this is a really fun palette. I am excited to dip into it a bit more and see what other looks I can come up with. I think the quality is great for only a $12 palette. It isn’t may favorite palette of all time but it is a pretty good one and you can’t beat the price.

Let me know what you think of this palette! I would love to know!


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