Peter Thomas Roth: Wrinkle X 24K Gold Intense Sheet Mask Review!

Hi Friends!

Today I wanted to share my thoughts on the Peter Thomas Roth Wrinkle X 24K Gold Intense Wrinkle Sheet Mask. I picked this mask up at TJ MAXX for $8.99 which I thought was already really expensive for a one time use mask. I really didn’t know how much they cost individually at full retail but as I am writing this post, I looked up the full retail price and they are CRAZY expensive. From Nordstrom, a 6 ct. set is $68 meaning that individually these masks are over $11. I didn’t get an amazing deal at TJ MAXX but still a little bit of a deal so that’s good.

As you know already, I love sheet masks. I find them so relaxing and moisturizing for my skin. I don’t really use them so much to reduce appearance for wrinkles since I am only 25 but I hope that doing some age prevention now will help me in the future.

This mask, as you can tell from the name is “pre-soaked with potent anti-aging actives to help minimize the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles – instantly and over time.” This mask does include a blend of 18 neuropeptides and peptides, pure 24K gold, and hyaluronic acid.


The gold, glitter flecks are pretty interesting. There was a lot of “essence” in the mask pouch so I spread the extra bit all over my arms and they instantly became covered in gold. It looked like any other body glitter. I think the gold in the mask also made me look really luminous which would have been nice to use in the morning but unfortunately, I used this at night so the luminosity didn’t do much good.

I did like the way this mask felt on the skin. It was really cooling and comfortable on the face. I love when masks feel like they are actually doing something on my skin (especially when I spent $8.99). And the mask is pretty thick which seemed really high quality.

As for the wrinkle reduction, I didn’t notice anything. Nor did I expect to. It is hard to say if it did anything but I do think it has potential.

Ultimately, I enjoyed using this mask for its one time use. I don’t think this is a mask that I would spend $8.99 or more on again. I know it is important to invest in your skin care but a single time use mask is pushing it a little. Let me know down below if you have tried this mask and seen any age defying results!


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