ColourPop: Sol Palette Review and Swatches!

Hi Friends!

Today, I have my review of the Sol eyeshadow palette from ColourPop! Earlier this week I reviewed the Mar palette which was included in the Sol + Mar collection that was recently released from ColourPop. I was so drawn to both of the eyeshadow palettes released. Mainly because I love ColourPop eyeshadows and both palettes looked beautiful and so opposite from each other!


I mentioned this in my other post but I noticed that ColourPop doesn’t actually refer to these palettes as “eyeshadow” palettes. They are very careful to only call them “shadow” palettes. This is because there are a few shades in this palette that are not deemed as eyesafe. It does say it on the back of the Sol palette but just wanted to let you all know since ColourPop’s website isn’t very clear. (Also I want to say that it only tells customer’s that some shades are non-safe on the actual palette, not even the uni-carton.)


The packaging is the exact same as the Mar’s. It is in a white palette and on the front, the name appears in metallic gold ink. The back has a sticker of all of the shade names.

This palette comes with 9 shades (4 matte and 5 shimmery) and ONLY retails for $12. I really think that already this is an amazing deal but let’s jump into the shade selection.


In the first row, you have:

New Digs – This shade is a matte, soft peach shade. It is the light shade in the palette so it can be used as a transition shade for some of the darker shades.

Anthem – This is a peachy copper metallic shade. Which is very similar to a couple of shades in the Mar palette but not an exact dupe.

Dynamite – This is a soft orange shade. This one is not has bright and pigmented as it looks in the pan but it is still a nice shade overall.


In the second row, you have:

Hotel – This is an burnt orange shimmery shade. It almost looks matte when you swatch it, it definitely doesn’t pack as much punch as Anthem.

Motel* – This is one of the most unique shades to the palette, it is a BEAUTIFUL hot pink satin shade. This shadow is flagged as non-safe for the eyes.

B-B – This is shimmery gold shadow. It is another really nice one that I like in the palette.


In the third row, you have:

Floaties* – This is a bright orange metallic shade. This is another shadow is flagged as non-safe for the eyes.

OOO* – This is a bright coral matte shade. This is actually the best matte in the palette and it is SO unique! This is last shadow is flagged as non-safe for the eyes.

Unwind – This is a dark milk chocolate matte shade. I am glad they added this shade to add a bit of depth to the palette.


Overall, I really enjoy this palette! I think the warm tone trend is near bled out but ColourPop did a good job with this palette. I think it is unique enough that it doesn’t overlap with everything else in my collection. Similar to the Mar palette, I don’t think it is the BEST palette in the world but it is still great for only $12. I would definitely recommend it!

Thanks for checking out my blog today! Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are on this palette! I would love to know!


2 thoughts on “ColourPop: Sol Palette Review and Swatches!

    • Its actually more common than you would think, Lunar Beauty, Urban Decay… its not every palette but mainly ones with red shades that are vegan. 🙂 I have the Golden State of Mind too – I think that one is fine!


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