5 Tips to Get FREE Makeup from Influenster!

Hi Friends!

You may have noticed that I have posted a couple unboxings and reviews of makeup products that I have received for free! All of these makeup items were sent to me, FOR FREE, from Influenster. So today, I thought I would give you a few tips on how to also get free makeup.

If you don’t know, Influenster is a free app that you can download. They essentially act as a middle person between brands and influencers. They send out free products in exchange for honest feedback in the form of reviews, and social posts.

I have been on Influenster for about a year and so far I have received 5 boxes of different items (mainly beauty related items) from Influenster. What is great about Influenster is that you don’t need a certain following to be considered for a VoxBox. (A VoxBox is an Influenster term for the boxes of free stuff). Other apps or sites, like Octoly, require at least 5,000 followers on Instagram or YouTube. Influenster is definitely great to open up some windows while you build up your following and maybe can’t afford too many new items to review.

So here are my five tips so you can start getting free makeup too!

  1. Sign Up for the App and Curate Your Profile!

This may seem like an obvious one but we all have to start somewhere. Of course, in order to be an influencer with Influenster, you have to sign up for the app. When you initially create your profile, you will mark different categories that you are interested in.

Be thoughtful about which categories that you are selecting because you only want to focus on the categories that you actually want to receive products in. For example, I initially selected that I was interested in pets. Well, not that that isn’t true, I love dogs and have had many pets in my lifetime but I don’t have any right now so if they sent me pet related I wouldn’t be able to properly review it.

Another part about creating your profile is linking up your social accounts. The more followers that you have on all your social platforms, the more likely that you will receive a VoxBox.


  1. Be A Part of the Community!

Within the Influenster App, there is a community section. This is where you can ask questions about different products or answer questions that others had about products that you have already tried. Each interaction that you have is counted so Influenster can track exactly how active you are. Influenster wants people who are consistent so they know you are interested and a contributor. This is also a good way to participate in categories that you are interested in. I usually interact with people talking in the beauty section.

  1. Write Thoughtful Reviews!

Another part of the app, is writing reviews. They have thousands of products listed on Influenster that you can search or select and then share your opinions on. This is one of the most important things that you can do within the app. After all, they are looking for people to write reviews. So when you are writing a review on anything, make sure that it is thoughtful and has enough substance to it. Also it helps to include pictures!


  1. Collect Badges!

You can also collect different badges on the site just by participating. This is another way to show Influenster how active you are in different spaces of the site. You can earn badges by being really active in a certain category or by participating in challenges.


  1. Participate in the Virtual Boxes!

My final tips is to participate in the virtual boxes that are offered. These are essentially virtual challenges where you do a small activity that you will earn a badge for. They don’t actually mail you any products but you go to different stores and take “Shelfies” or participate in another challenge and you have the potential to win some products. This helps create hype around products which is really only beneficial for the brand and for Influenster but again, it shows how much you participate with them. And it shows that you will go the full mile for them.

Overall, most of these tips are around interacting with the app and making sure you have a presence. Although you can receive makeup, it does cost your time and effort. Nothing in life is truly free. But if you stay at it, then before you know it, you will have boxes of FREE makeup coming to your door!


2 thoughts on “5 Tips to Get FREE Makeup from Influenster!

  1. I love Influenster! Especially when I first started blogging because it was a steady source of products to review! I’m not active in the community at all, mainly because I think a lot of people sugar coat their reviews since they think talking negatively will barr them from receiving more in the future. That simply isn’t true. I just do my voxbox assignments and any pending snaps. These days I get about 4-5 boxes a year.

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