Laura Lee Los Angeles: Cat’s Pajamas Palette Bingo!

Hi Friends!

I wanted to do another palette bingo just because I have been having so much fun doing them. They are just such a cool way to use eyeshadow palettes or shades that I wouldn’t necessarily always use and it is a good way to branch out with how I do my makeup every day. I have already done this challenge on a few other palettes but today I will doing a Palette Bingo with the Laura Lee Los Angeles Cat’s Pajamas palette. If you don’t know, I did a two part review on this palette so I would suggest checking those posts out as well!

For this palette bingo, I chose 4 shades with a random number generator on Google. The 4 shades that were selected are:

9- Out the Other

7- Kooky

1- Okie Dokie

5- Redonkulus


Of course, I initially took Okie Dokie and blended that all over my lid, into my brow bone and in the inner corner. This is kind of a cop out shade since I probably would have used it anyway but oh well!


I then took Kooky and blended that into my crease and mostly on my eyelid, except on the center. I just love the way this shade looks, it blends like a dream.


Next, I stamped Redonkulus on the center of my eye lids with my finger. I really like the way this shade blended into Kooky, the mix of those shades is actually really beautiful. After I stamped this on, I did go back in slightly with Kooky just to blend them in together even more.


And lastly, I took Out the Other and blended that on the lower lash line.


And here is the final look!


I really like the way this look turned out! I probably wouldn’t have normally paired Redonkulus with any of the purple shades in this palette but it actually turned out really nice. It reminds me of a sunset look.

Well, that is it for me today! What do you think of these shades? Would you have paired these colors together? Let me know your thoughts down below. I would love to know!


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