ColourPop: No Filter Foundation Review!

Hi Friends!

So as you know, I recently did a little mini haul from ColourPop and one of the items that I picked up was the No Filter Foundation! It was such a big deal when ColourPop released this foundation – it was all over social media and so many big YouTubers reviewed it. But of course, I wanted to try it for myself!

The packaging is pretty amazing as well. The foundation does come in a glass bottle and has a pump! I wanted to get this review up so much sooner but many of the items in my initial order cam broken, including this foundation. The pump part just popped right off and I couldn’t get it back down to actually pump foundation. So it is not super high quality but still excellent for the price.

ColourPop No Filter Foundation Review | Tayler's Edit

This foundation does retail for $12 and comes with a little less than 1 oz. of product. The amazing news is that there are 42 shades to choose from. I think that is a really fair price, even better than some drugstore brands.

I ordered the shade Light 75 because it was described as “neutral foundation with peachy undertones for light medium skin tones.” Which generally describes my skin tone during the summer time.

I think the formula of this foundation is pretty good. It has decent coverage, not full but not light either. It definitely does a good job evening out my skin tone. It feels comfortable on the skin and has a good wear time.

ColourPop No Filter Foundation Swatch | Tayler's Edit

Now, with all of that being said this color is so YELLOW! Like I can still make it work with some powder but this foundation is still so yellow. It just seems so off color. I don’t think that this is just an issue of ordered the wrong shade, because the description doesn’t match at all. I have seen / read a few other reviews and it seems like everyone is experiencing the yellow tone.

Overall, I think I would recommend this foundation ONLY if you are looking for a more yellow toned coverage. I think ColourPop has some updates to make and once they make those updates, I will try this foundation again. As of right now, I don’t recommend buying this foundation, mainly because you can only buy it online and there is no way of knowing the shade until you get it.

Let me know what you think of this foundation! Are you interested in it or do you already have it? I would love to know!


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