Hawaii Adventures | Kayaking to a Secret Waterfall!

Hi Friends!

Welcome to my blog! Today I wanted to share with you all the kayaking adventure that David and I went on when we were in Kauai! My mom, nana, sister, and David were shopping in a small center of stores not too far from the house that we were staying in and we came across a touristy excursion stand. It didn’t take long for David and I to pick one. They had a helicopter around Na Pali coast but it was a little expensive so we decided to do the kayaking!

Of course there was a tour guide and a few other people doing the kayaking so we all met at tourist company’s office and then drove over to Wailua River. The tour guide unloaded some kayaks, David and I shared one and one and then we were on our way.


It started raining while we were headed down the river but it was SO beautiful! I had my phone in a little waterproof case so it was a little hard to take a clear picture but a picture would never do it justice! Everything was SO green! The river trail was about a 1.5 miles so it wasn’t too bad. At the end of the river, we docked the kayaks in a shallow area.

We then did a short half mile hike through the trees and this REALLY muddy trail. I slipped a couple of times but luckily didn’t fall completely in the mud. At the end of the hike, we had to climb down a couple of large rocks and then there was a HUGE waterfall. The waterfall is called Uluwehi Falls (AKA Secret Falls).


The tour guide packed some sandwiches and snacks for lunch so we sat on the rocks for a bit to enjoy the waterfall in all its glory. After we ate, we hiked down the rocks a bit more to take a swim near the waterfall.


The water was SO cold. If it wasn’t for David, I would have been too much of a chump to get all the way in. We tried to get really close to the waterfall but it was coming down so hard that it was difficult to get too close. It was an AMAZING experience though!

Not too long after, we headed back up the rocks where our tour guide was and he cut up a fresh pineapple as dessert. It was SO good. We then headed back on the trail and back into our kayaks.


It was just such a great experience. David and I had so much fun that we decided to buy our own kayaks. The day we got back from Hawaii to Dallas, we went to Dick’s Sporting goods and bought two kayaks. It was wonderful!

Thanks for stopping by and reading a bit about our Hawaii adventures! Let me know if you have every been kayaking. If not, what is your favorite outdoor activity? I would love to know!


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