5 Tips For Shopping at Sephora!

Hi Friends!

You all know by now that I love Sephora. Sephora is my happy place. I absolutely love everything about that store – it just feels so comforting being around other beauty junkies and looking at all the amazing products. I don’t know why but I have always been more of a Sephora girl than any other beauty retailer store.

Today, I wanted to talk about 5 tips for shopping at Sephora. Some of these your probably already know, but hopefully you take away at least one new thing to make you a smarter consumer at Sephora.

1. VIB Membership Account

The first thing that you MUST do when shopping at Sephora is to create a membership account. This is just a free account that you create with Sephora, using your phone number or email address. This will allow you to save up points every time you make a purchase in which you can then exchange for deluxe size items or even bigger rewards. The rewards change all of the time but trust me, they are worth it!

The membership account also makes you automatically eligible for the VIB sale in April and November. Depending on your tier / how much you spend, you can get anywhere from 10-20% off on everything in Sephora. Plus you automatically get a birthday gift every year just for having an account. So yes, its definitely worth it (even if you only shop there once a year).

2. 2 Day Flash Shipping

If you are a frequent online shopper (like me), then you need to sign up for 2 Day Flash Shipping. This is $10 a YEAR subscription and you get 2 day shipping every time you place an order. No matter how many orders you place or what the amount is that you are spending. It is truly amazing. It just feels so nice when you make a purchase and 2 days later it shows up. Usually, you have to wait a week, sometimes 2 weeks for orders to come in the mail. This is definitely worth it if you place more than 3 orders online and you like your stuff fast.

3. Beauty Offers

Speaking of shopping online, do not checkout without inputting a promotion code. In the Sephora App, there is a section for “Beauty Offers” these are essentially just free deluxe samples that you can add to any order. Generally, you have to spend a certain amount to redeem the deluxe sample but the thresholds are all fairly low and easy to reach. These are just nice little extras to your order. You can also add up to 3 samples each order but the deluxe sizes obviously are better!

4. Weekly Wow

The Weekly Wow is probably the most amazing thing at Sephora. Sephora makes special offers each week and most offers include products up to 50% off! These offers usually change every week so you are constantly seeing different items at a huge discount. It gets me into a bit of trouble because I have a hard time resisting a sale! Trust me, it is worth checking out every week to see what the weekly deals are!

5. Return Policy

Lastly, I wanted to talk about Sephora’s return policy if you aren’t already aware. Sephora has an incredible return policy considering the type of products that they sell. You can purchase any item that you want, try it out, and return it if you aren’t completely satisfied. Unfortunately, if you have used the item then they have to throw it out so although this policy is amazing, you shouldn’t just buy anything if you think you might not like it. I think this policy is extremely generous.

So that is about it for me! I hope you learned something new! Comment down below any other tips that you think should be on this list! I would love to know!


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