Hawaii Adventures | Na Pali Coast and Waimea Canyon

Hi Friends!

I hope you have been enjoying my travel adventures in Hawaii. I am so lucky to have spent nearly 2 weeks there so I was able to explore a lot. Two of the most amazing views, I’ve ever seen for my own eyes were the Na Pali Coast and Waimea Canyon! My dad actually requested that we go check out both of these locations and I am so happy that we did.IMG_6793

We first went to Waimea Canyon which was like a very green and luscious Grand Canyon. We were able to get right up on the edge and pier over into it. It was HUGE!IMG_6784

David is really into this app / game called Geo-Caching and he has done it with my dad a couple of times so while we were looking into the canyon, David looked up some near by geo-caches. I think we did end up finding one that wasn’t too far from the lookout. It was really sweet to see my dad and David hanging out too.IMG_6818

We then headed to a Na Pali Coast looking point called Kalalau Lookout. This part was just ABSOLUTELY amazing. I don’t think I have ever seen a part of the earth more beautiful than the green mountains up against the ocean. Part of the lookout was a section called Wai’Ale’Ale which is one of the wettest spots on Earth which I absolutely believe because of how green it was. You can also see a waterfall off of the mountain if you looked hard enough. It was just incredible.IMG_6896IMG_6839IMG_6910

We just hung out and walked around for a bit, took lots of pictures and then headed out to eat. Both spots were so beautiful – it was nice just to have a relaxed day and do some exploring with my whole family. Plus these views were unlike any other!

If you are ever in Kauai, seeing the Waimea Canyon and Na Pali Coast are a must! Let me know what your favorite view has been whenever you travel! I would love to know!


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