Sunday Riley – The Influencer Foundation Review

Hi Friends!

Today, I wanted to share my thoughts on the Sunday Riley The Influencer Foundation! As you know, I have been dedicating myself to this foundation for the entire month of July as part of my July project pan. I picked this up during the Sephora VIB sale but it normally does retail for $42 which is crazy expensive, I know.

The main reason this foundation is SOOO expensive is because of the clean ingredients and formulation. This foundation is completely free of cyclopentasiloxane, synthetic fragrance, talc, gluten, parabens, and then of course it is cruelty free as well. Also, Sunday Riley is boujee AF so you’re going to pay for that name. I think right off the bat, this foundation is missing SPF.

Beyond the healthy ingredients, this foundation claims to be long lasting with a medium to full coverage and solutions for redness, uneven skin tone, and oiliness. It is supposed to be natural looking with a lightweight feel, long wear, and have a satin-matte finish.

IMG_0931This foundation comes in 20 different shades which is a pretty decent range. Obviously not as good as some other lines but there are still a decent mix of light, medium, and dark shades. I bought the shade 140 which is a light shade with neutral undertones.

The first thing I want to talk about it the packaging. I think the outside box is super classy. I love the white and black with the gold accents. The actual container itself is also super nice and expensive looking. I like that it is see through so you can tell where you are at (that is the project panner in me). Most importantly, I love the pump. I am so happy when foundations come with pumps. It just makes it easy to get product out and easy to get a good amount of product out.


I have been using this foundation very regularly for over a month and I must say I really do like it. It is a great match for my skin and it blends so easily and naturally. I agree that it is a satin matte finish, very comfortable but it definitely is not full coverage. I would say it is a light to medium coverage. It is buildable slightly but doesn’t ever reach full coverage. It is also very long wear!

I really like this foundation but it is hard to justify the price tag. I think I will see how I feel after using it all the way up to determine if I will re-purchase. I would definitely recommend trying it before buying it. It may be the exact perfect foundation that you are looking for.

Let me know down below if you have tried this foundation and what your thoughts are! If you haven’t tried this one, what is your favorite foundation of all time!?


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