Esfolio: Foot & Heel Peeling Mask Review!

Hi Friends,

I don’t know about you but every time summer comes around, my feet get super dry and cracked. I think it is because of how often I wear sandals instead of enclosed shoes but either way, I always need to treat them with extra care during the summer time.

I have tried other foot masks in the past but this was my first time using the esfolio Foot & Heel Peeling Mask and I wanted to share my thoughts! I bought this foot mask at TJ Mask for only $3.99 but it normally retails for $12 and it is a one time use mask.


Most of the packaging consists of Korean but I was able to understand the instructions. This mask come with two cute panda paw pouches that have the “essence” inside. It also includes two large plastic booties. You essentially have to cut open the pouches and the booties and pour the essence in the bootie and then stick your feet in. This set also comes with two little pieces of tape but they are kind of useless.

You are supposed to wear the booties for an hour and a half so you need to make sure you have plenty of time. When I initially took them off, my feet did feel super soft which is expected since they were sitting in liquid for over an hour. However the next day, they were pretty dry again.


Two days after wearing the foot mask, I did notice a little bit of peeling on the bottom of my feet but nothing too extreme. Fast forward to 5 days after using this mask and my feet were more peely but definitely nothing too bad. 7 days after using this mask, I actually noticed a bit of peeling but still nothing compared to other masks. These types of masks can be really gross, it is definitely worth hiding your feet for a couple of days while they peel.


Overall, I don’t think this foot mask did a whole heck of a lot. My feet don’t really feel too much softer and did remove a lot of dead skin. I have used other foot masks and seen a lot better results. So although I only spent $3.99, it ultimately wasn’t worth it. I definitely wouldn’t spend $12 on this foot mask. Don’t get me wrong, I have liked esfolio masks in the past, in fact I have posted a full review of 2 of their face masks but this one just didn’t really do anything. Don’t recommend it.

Let me know if you have tried this foot mask in the past and what you thought of it! I would love to know!


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