Benefit Cosmetics: The Blush Bunch Set First Impressions | Part 1

Hi Friends!

So I picked up the Benefit Blush Bunch set a while ago, you may have seen it in my mini haul from Ulta. This was an exclusive limited edition set to Ulta but I am obsessed with Benefit so I had to pick it up! This will be a two part review. Essentially, this post will be talking about the what the set includes, how much it cost, and some first impressions and then tomorrow will include in depth review of each item included in this set.


So this set retailed for $24 however Benefit claims that it has a $57 value so that is a great deal, about 50% off. The Blush Bunch includes 4 blushes and 2 bronzers. So it you break it down per item in this set, that is only $4 each. The blushes are Rockateur, Dandelion, Gold Rush, and Galifornia! The bronzers are Hoola (original) and Hoola Lite. Here are all of them swatched together.


Each of these items have different weights although they are in the same small clasped container. Both of the bronzers contain 2.6 grams of product, Galifornia, Gold Rush, and Roackateur contains 1.6 grams, and Dandelion contains 2.3 grams. This is actually a way better deal than buying the full size of any of these items. For example, the Hoola bronzer costs $29 for 8 grams of product which comes down to $3.60 per gram. So at the full size cost, you would be paying a total of $9.36 for 2.6 grams of product. But instead you’re paying about $4.

I think this bundle is really cute and a great deal. Particularly if you haven’t tried any of these cheek products before and are interested in trying out more from Benefit. I already have a couple of full sized or mini sizes of these products but I wanted to try even more. Benefit creates some of my favorite blushes and bronzers.


The only criticism I have of this set, is that it is called the Blush Bunch but they included two bronzers. I think this would have been an opportunity to include their full range of blushes. They have a LOT! I just looked on Sephora and they could have included Dallas or Dandelion Twinkle which have been perfect for the Blush Bunch! It’s not a big deal and don’t get me wrong, I love their bronzers.

So that pretty much covers it. I think that is all I have to say about the set itself. Stay tuned to tomorrow to hear more about each of the blushes / bronzers!Let me know down below if you have this set and what your favorite piece of it is!


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