Benefit Cosmetics: The Blush Bunch Set Review and Swatches | Part 2

Hi Friends,

Here is part 2 to my review of the Blush Bunch Set! If you didn’t see yesterday’s posts I did some initial impressions of the set and share my thoughts on the set value overall, so check that out if you haven’t already! Today, however, I am going to deep dive on each of these items.


Hoola is one of the bronzers in this set, I have sure you have heard of it since it is one of the most hyped of bronzers of all time. But I have to say, I also love this bronzer! I actually have a few full sizes of this bronzer in the Benefit Cheek Palettes and even another mini that I got in a 500 point perk from Sephora. This bronzer is just so beautiful on my skin, it blends so beautifully and looks so natural. The formula is incredible, this is definitely one of my top 5 bronzers!

Hoola Light

This is the other bronzer in the set. And as you can tell from the name, this is light version of the Hoola bronzer. I know its important to have a light shade for light skin tones, it seemed like there was a need for it somewhere but this bronzer is SO light. It really doesn’t show up too much on my skin tone, it would not be something I would use as a bronzer. I have used Hoola Light also as an eyeshadow though and it looked really nice as a light transition shade!

Gold Rush

Gold Rush is Benefit’s newest blush, I think it came out just earlier this year. It is a beautiful peachy blush with a gold undertone / reflects. The reflects don’t show too much on the face so if you don’t like illuminating blushes, I wouldn’t worry about this one. It is extremely pigmented, you only need the tiniest bit on your brush. Trust me, I accidently applied too much a couple of times. I really really enjoy this one.


Rockateur is very similar to Gold Rush, I think the only difference is the gold reflects in Gold Rush but Rockateur is one of my all time favorite blushes. It just is gorgeous. The color is beautiful, it is the peachy matte shade and it blends to beautifully on my skin and can although it’s a little darker, it is definitely an everyday shade for me. And it feels like butter. I probably swatched it 10 times for this post. I LOVE it!


You guys already know I LOVE Galifornia because I featured this blush in my Beauty Faves of June. It just is a beautiful summer blush. It is a bright coral pink blush so it’s a lot of fun and vibrant. I really have enjoyed using it this summer. Of course, its not an everyday blush so it won’t be for everyone but that is why this mini set is perfect!


Dandelion is the lightest blush in the bunch and unlike Galifornia, this is easily an everyday blush. It is just this blush of pink. Although it is light, it is also very pigmented so don’t go overboard. It can be very faint but also built up for a more bold blush look. I really like Danelion.

Overall, all of these cheek products are amazing. I think anyone would be really pleased with this set. It is a good value and comes with really quality, beautiful products. There is enough variety for everyone to try something new and to find something that they can love. I definitely recommend it!

Let me know down below which blush or bronzer is your favorite! I would love to know!


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