Morphe x Jaclyn Hill: The Vault Collection First Impressions and Overview!

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I just got my Vault collection in the mail and I wanted to share an overview of this set. I obviously eventually want to review all of these palettes but I definitely need some time to use each of them and become familiar with them. I am sure, by now you have all seen the drama behind the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection but if not I will share it all with you!

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill The Vault Collection Review | Tayler's Edit

This collection was announced back in mid-June by both Jaclyn Hill and Morphe and it was supposed to launch late June, I think June 26th to be exact. This set includes 4 eyeshadow palettes that are all “left-over” shades from the original Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette. The way Jaclyn explained it was that they came up with a lot of different shades and combinations for the original palette that never made it. However, they were still good shades so they decided to release another collection with the leftover eyeshadows.

Shortly after the announcement, beauty influencers started to review the eyeshadow palettes that they received in PR. Many came back with a negative review, most notably Jackie Aina. Because there seemed to be some inconsistencies with the shadows, Morphe decided to delay the launch / do a palette recall on the palettes that had already been distributed.

I think this was a very honorable move – I hope that they did it to improve their products and only release something that was absolutely perfect.


So anyway, I bought The Vault set the day that they re-launched which was on August 14th and I received it on August 21st. I was pleased with the shipping time, it didn’t seem to take too long and it was left right at my doorstop.

The packaging is adorable! It is all white with silver details and lettering. In the center of each palette and the outside packaging there is a large silver circle that says Morphe x Jaclyn Hill. And then around the silver circle, there is confetti splattered around which is mostly silver but also includes a few shapes that are colors in the palettes.



There are four palettes included in this set and each palette include 10 shades and a mirror. Each palette has its own theme / shade range. You can buy the full set from Morphe directly or you can buy them individually if you are only interested in certain shades. Each palette is $15 and the set is $49 which is a pretty good savings but overall inexpensive overall.

Dark Magic

This is one of the darkest palettes in the collection. It has a mix of dark greens and blues. It includes a majority of matte shades and then just a couple of shimmer shades. This one definitely got the most hate when they sent it out in PR so I am excited to see if I can make it work for myself. These definitely aren’t shades that I would normally reach for but its fun to step outside your comfort zone sometimes.


Bling Boss

I was most excited for this palette when this collection was announced. This palette includes mostly pink / purples shades which are really in right now. I have fallen in love with the Norvina palette so I have been excited to try this one for awhile. This one includes mostly shimmer shades and then just a few matte shades but overall it looks really beautiful.


Armed & Gorgeous

This palette looks like the perfect fall palette – it just has every color that I think of when I envision fall and Thanksgiving! It mostly consists of yellow and orange shades but it also does go a little deep with a dark green and brown shade. This one includes mostly matte shades but also has a handful of shimmer shades. I am definitely excited to get into this one as it becomes fall.


Ring the Alarm

I was also really excited for this one as well. It gives my Modern Renaissance vibes since it includes those red and warm orange tones. This one just looks really beautiful. It includes half matte and half shimmer shades. I think this one will also be really nice in fall so I am looking forward to using it more.


I will be writing reviews on each one of these palettes so stay tuned for that. So far, I am liking each of these palettes. I have only swatched a few shades just because I couldn’t stay out of them but haven’t had a chance to use them on my eyes yet. Stay tuned for all of the upcoming reviews!

Let me know down below what you think of these palettes! How do you feel about the launch delay and how Morphe and Jaclyn Hill handled the situation? I would love to know!


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  1. They look so beautiful but I’m still seeing bad reviews 😖 I wanted to try one or two but was too scared to buy. I hope you love them. I heard a rumour was going around that Ulta was still selling the original palettes but Morphe had the new ones so maybe that’s why some people still hate them…

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