My 5 Favorite Drunk Elephant Products!

Hi Friends!

I hope you all are having a wonderful day! Today, I wanted to talk about my 5 favorite products from Drunk Elephant. If you aren’t familiar, Drunk Elephant is a high end skincare brand that is sold at Sephora. They are known for really natural ingredients which makes them pretty expensive. So I was interested in trying out some of their products so instead of taking the splurge on full sized items, I did purchase on of the Littles sets that they release. It included 8 products and then I have tried a few other products that I just receive deluxe samples or as a part of another set. But of course, I haven’t tried everything from Drunk Elephant because that would be insanely expensive.

Here are my favorite products from Drunk Elephant!

Umbra Tinte Physical Defense

The Umbra Tinte Physical Defense is a physical sunscreen with a slight tinte. I liked this because of the way it blended into my skin, it slightly evened out my complexion and it wore comfortably under makeup. I think SPF is so important, especially in the summer so I liked incorporating this in my routine.


LaLa Retro Whipped Cream (Crème Fouettee)

The LaLa Retro Whipped Cream is an extremely thick moisturizer. It keeps your skin so hydrated and smooth and because it is so thick, you barely need any. I liked using this to moisturize dry patches on my face and it helped so much. I also used it on my neck and I felt like it helped smooth out some of the lines that I have there.


C-Firma Day Serum

I have already mentioned this serum in my beauty favorites of March but I love this serum. I used it in the morning under my foundation and it just made my skin look brighter and healthier! It has this really unique burnt orange scent which was surprisingly refreshing in the morning.


Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil

This is such a luxurious face oil. I also added this to one of my favorites post because it just makes me feel so extra. It felt extremely comfortable and soothing on my skin. I mainly applied this oil at night right before I went to bed. It just felt really nice on the skin.


JuJu Cleansing Bar

So I don’t usually like bar soap / cleansers because they are difficult to store but I really like this JuJu Bar. It is an exfoliating bar so it provides a deep clean for your pores. It is not a cleanser that I use all the time but it is a really nice one in awhile exfoliating treatment. Its really gentle and soothing, I definitely recommend this bar!


So there you have it, my 5 favorite items from Drunk Elephant! I hope this helped if you are curious about trying out this brand. I definitely would recommend trying out their mini versions before buying the full size. Skin care is so personal, just because a lot of people like one brand doesn’t mean that you will. For example, the Drunk Elephant TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum is one of their most popular items but it didn’t really work for me as much as I expected. But I do still like a lot of their items, as you can tell from above!

Let me know what your favorite Drunk Elephant item is! I would love to know!


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