Morphe x Jaclyn Hill: Dark Magic Palette Review and Swatches!

Hi Friends!

Today, I wanted to talk about the Dark Magic Palette from the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection. I just recently posted an overview of the entire Vault and in the post I mentioned that I would slowly be working through each of the palettes so I could fully review them!


This palette retails for $15 and comes with 10 shades and a mirror! The packaging is so cute. The outside is compeltely white with a circle of confetti around it. In the confetti there is some green shapes to match the theme of the palette I think this palette has the strongest theme out of the entire  collection. It is called Dark Magic and all of the shade names correlate with that theme.


Out of the ten shades, there are 7 matte and 3 shimmer. Let’s jump into each one!

In the first row, you have:

Poof – I know this goes along with the theme but I hate the name of this shadow. But that aside, this is a pretty normal cream matte shade. This is the lightest shade in the palette and the most natural one to set an eyeshadow primer with. It’s a pretty decent shade – nothing too special.

Power Cut – This is a shimmery silver shade. It doesn’t pick up that well with a brush but you can make it work with your finger. I think it can look beautiful on the eyelids. I am not dyeing for it like other shimmer shades, but its still pretty.

SHHH – This is a cool toned matte shade. I think this is the most natural transition shade in the palette. In fact, its probably the only transition shade in the palette if you want to start with a light gradient. This is actually a nice shade, I wouldn’t buy the palette just for this shade but it does blend well and looks nice on the eyes.

Trickery – This is a beautiful dark emerald shimmery green. Although I think this shade is beautiful, its not something that I would really reach for too often. I do like the formula and the placement in the palette though.

Diversion – This is also a really beautiful shimmer shade. It is like a bronzed brown shimmer. This is actually my favorite shade in the palette. Again, I wouldn’t buy the entire palette for this shade but it is really pretty.


In the second row, you have:

Potion – This is a matte camo green shade. I think this is one of the shades that Morphe took back to re-press after the initial PR release. It definitely has some issues though. It isn’t horrible but its not super easy to blend and can come across uneven very easily. The swatch isn’t that great.

Busted – This shade is a complete dud. It barely has any pigment and it completely hard. It looked like it is supposed to be a dark blue matte shade but its really not good at all. It has a completely different texture as the other mattes in this palette.

Inside Job – This is a dark matte green shade. This one isn’t a complete dud but also not a very good shade. It has a lot more pigment than Busted but is very uneven when blending on the eye.   I think you can get away with stamping it on the eye but I would prefer to blend.

Mojo – This is a dark matte brown shade. There isn’t anything crazy special about this shade. It does perform well. I would expect to since matte browns are Morphe’s specialty.

Temptress – This is a very nice matte black shade. It is extremely black. I know a lot of people hate the bit of glitter in matte shades, so heads up that Temptress does have a little bit of glitter in it but I don’t notice that it shows up on the eyes at all.


Overall, I really can’t recommend this palette. As I mentioned, there are a couple of shades that just don’t perform well at all. I think this palette is not beginner friendly or really every day friendly. I think unless you are really looking for these shades and don’t want to spend a lot of money, you don’t need this palette at all. I don’t even see myself reaching for it very much.

Let me know down below what you think of this palette! Do you like the colors or do you think you will pass on it? Also let me know which part of the Vault collection is your favorite? I would LOVE to know!


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