Sample Sunday #30

Hi Friends!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday! Welcome back to another post in my Sample Sunday series. I can’t believe this is #30. That means I have used up 150 samples so far this year which is a TON! Well, I still have a lot to get through!

Here is what I used last week:

Sample Sunday #29 | Tayler's Edit

Hempz – Sugarcane and Papaya Body Moisturizer – I know this is a sugarcane lotion but it smelt SO sweet. Just like straight sugar. It initially caught my off guard. It did smell nice and it felt really nice on the skin, really moisturizing and smooth. I have so many lotions though, I don’t need to be buying anymore!

Dermalogica – Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque – When I used this mask, it really wasn’t enough to cover my entire face. I mainly focused is on my cheeks, chin and nose and then I ended up using a different mask on my fore heard. It really didn’t have much affect on me though. I couldn’t feel it working and I didn’t notice any impact on my skin so this isn’t something I am going to purchase.

Fresh – Soy Face Cleanser – If you have been following this series, you would know that I have used up many samples (even deluxe size) of the Soy Face Cleanser. It is a really nice cleanser, definitely very gentle. I just have so many cleansers that I don’t need to purchase this one anytime soon.

Sephora – 10 HR Wear Perfection Foundation – I have also previously used this foundation in one of my Sample Sunday posts and I liked it so much that I actually have a full size already. It is a really nice foundation, just really smooth and natural. I like it a lot.

Gucci – Guily Perfume – This perfume is SO nice. It is very mature and smells so lovely. I am not going to purchase the full size though. I have way too many perfumes and this one is really expensive. I would like to use another sample though! I like it.

For next week, I will be using:


  1. Givenchy – Gloss Interdit Vinyl
  2. Coola – Mineral Sunscreen BB Cream
  3. IT Cosmetics – Confidence in a Cleanser Cleansing Serum
  4. FARMACY – Honey Potion Hydration Mask
  5. Marc Jacobs – Shameless Foundation

Welll, that is it for me today! Stay tuned if you want to hear my thoughts on the samples that I chose for this week. Also let me know down below what YOUR thoughts are on any of these products that I mentioned above. I would love to know!


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