Urban Decay: Naked Flushed Face Palette Review!

Hi Friends!

Today, I thought I would talk about an oldie but a goodie and that is the Urban Decay Naked Flushed face palette. Urban Decay released 6 different Flushed palettes to range across different skin tones but I only picked up the palette in Going Native. This palette normally retails for $34 but I bought it on sale for only $17.

This palette comes with a bronzer, a blush, and a highlighter all in one palette. They are all in the same pan and kind of look like a Neapolitan bar (chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry). I love the packaging. It is just really compact with a good sized mirror. AND it has a magnetic clasp which always makes me happy.



Let’s start with the bronzer because bronzing is one of my favorite parts of makeup. The bronzer in this palette is a really nice tone. It is not too warm and not too cool, it is just right for my skin tone. I know that sounded like Goldilocks but its true. Plus it is a very pigmented bronzer so you hardly need to pick up any on your brush. I wish Urban Decay sold this bronzer separately because I would definitely pick it up!


Just right next door to the bronzer is the highlighter. This highlighter icy with a slightly pink undertone. This is one of my favorite highlighters. It is bright and definitely noticeable but not obnoxious or unnatural. It can be built up to be a little more blinding if that is what you like but for me, I use this palette more when I am on the run or going to work so I only like a slight bit of highlight just to make my skin look healthy. Overall, this highlighter is really nice!


And lastly, you have a blush in this palette. This one is a bright pink blush and very pigmented. You only need the slightest bit when applying. I don’t think this is an everyday blush for me but I still really like it. It is still a really beautiful blush and can be used everyday if you go really light handed.


I think my favorite product in this palette is the bronzer but really I think Urban Decay did an excellent job with all three. They all work for my skin tone and are all products that I will continue to reach for over and over again.

My only wish is that this blush pan was a little larger. I like the size of the bronzer and the highlighter but the blush is a little harder to get to without also going into the highlighter. This is just because of the brush I like to use when applying blush but its really not that bad.


I also just saw that this palette comes with 14 grams of product which a LOT for how small it is. I am really impressed with that amount, I think it is definitely worth the money.

Let me know down below if you ever picked up one of these palettes and what your thoughts were! If not, what is your favorite face palette? I would love to know!


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