Juvia’s Place: The Nubian Palette Review and Swatches!

Hi Friends!

If you haven’t noticed by now, I love Juvia’s Place eyeshadow palettes. Today I wanted to talk about one of their most neutral palettes which is The Nubian palette. This palette is so different to all of the other palettes from Juvia’s Place – it is not only their most neutral palette but it is completely neutral.

Juvia's Place The Nubian Palette | Tayler's Edit

This palette retails for $20 and comes with a total of 12 shades. 4 of the shades are matte and 8 are shimmer. I am not sure if this was Juvia’s Place first palette but the shades don’t actually have names!

I absolutely love every shade in this palette – it is just such an essential one in my collection. You have everything that you would need to create a beautiful look. You can go super natural or super glam. But beyond that, you have great transition shades, deep shades so you can really blow out a smokey eye or light enough shades for a quick office look.

In the first row, you have:


In the second row, you have:


In the third row, you have:


All of the shades been like absolute butter when you swatch them and they blend so beautifully on the eyes. I do usually use my finger to stamp the shimmery shades on my lid but they pick up well with a brush too. My favorite shade is the 4th shade in the first row, the bright icy shade. I also love the 4th shade in the second row. Both are absolutely beautiful and so pigmented!  This is probably the most pigmented neutral palette that I own.

I think this palette is great if you are looking to get into makeup but aren’t really interested in bright shades, this palette can do a lot for you. I absolutely recommend it.

Let me know down below what your thoughts are on this palette! I would love to know!


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