My Becca Highlighter Collection!

Hi Friends!

Today, I wanted to share with you my Becca highlighter collection! As you may have seen in my 5 Brands That I Am Completely Loyal To post, Becca is one of my favorite brands of all time especially when it comes to her highlighters! So this is just my single highlighter collection, I also have the Becca Apres Ski Glow Face palette that has 3 highlighters in it as well.

Champagne Pop (Jaclyn Hill x Becca collaboration)

What would be a Becca highlighter collection without Champagne Pop. This is probably Becca’s most well known highlighter because it was in a collaboration with Jaclyn Hill. It also happens to be such a beautiful highlighter. I have the crème version (which was a mistake) but I still love using it. It is very close to a perfect highlighter, in my opinion.

Opal Flashes Jade

The Opal Flashes Jade highlighter is part of a unique collection that Becca release this past year. The highlighters that were released were called “Light Chaser Highlighter” because of the way the shifted in the light. This one straight on looks to be Opal which is a white / icy color but it flashes Jade which is a green shade. This is one of the most unique highlighters in my collection. It is pretty subtle but SO beautiful.

Amethyst Flashes Geode

This is another highlighter from the Light Chaser collection although this one is Amethyst Flashes Geode. This is another very unique one in my collection. I use it almost like a blush topper. I almost didn’t pick it up because it didn’t seem like it would work on my skin tone but I am actually really pleased with it. Plus amethyst is my birthstone so I couldn’t resist.

Pearl Flashes Gold

This highlight is blinding!! This one is also apart of the Light Chaser collection from Becca. I think they did an amazing job with this highlighter because it is kind of the best of both worlds between the pearl shade and the gold shade. It can work on every skin tone. I think this is one of the most blinding highlights in my collection. I don’t use it on an every day basis, especially since the Champagne Pop highlighter is in my project pan but I still like it every once in awhile.


Opal is probably one of the second most popular highlighters from Becca and for good reason, it is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! I actually hauled this in my Sephora April VIB sale haul and haven’t used it as much as I would like since then. It is quite glittery and has a punch of gold. Writing this makes me want to use it more!

Overall, I love Becca highlighters. I really like the way they blend on the cheeks and that they are eye safe so you can use them as eyeshadows too. The formula is just perfection. I definitely recommend any Becca highlighter especially the ones that I mentioned above.

Let me know down below if you have any Becca highlighters and what your favorite is! I would love to know.


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