Wet N Wild: Fire and Ice Collection Unboxing!

Hi Friends!

If you saw my recent Ulta haul, then you would know that I picked up the Wet N Wild Fire and Ice Collection box! Today, I thought I would do an unboxing and first impressions. I haven’t used any of these products yet, I am just excited to dig into all of these new goodies!

This collection launched towards the beginning of August and I didn’t really heard much about it. The entire collection is $39.99 which is a VERY good price for all of these items.

The theme of this collection is FIRE Dragon vs. ICE Dragon. Half of the items are all warm toned to support your inner fire dragon and the other half are icy cool toned items to support your inner ice dragon. I think it’s a pretty cute concept.


I was really impressed with the packaging of this collection. I think the outer box is ADORABLE! I love the holographic flames and ice and writing all across the box! And then when you open the box, all of the products sit in a felt container. The whole presentation is very nice.

Let’s talk about each product include in this collection!

Color Icon Loose Pigments


The first couple of items that I wanted to talk about are the Coloricon Loose Pigments! The entire collection includes four loose pigments. Two for the fire dragon and two for the ice dragon.

The fire dragon has a bright golden and a bright red pigment. The ice dragon has a silver and dark blue pigment. All of them appear to be really shimmery and they all seem to go well with the eyeshadow palettes included in this collection.

I haven’t actually ever used pigments on my eyes! I am actually pretty excited to use them. If you don’t buy the full collection, each loose pigment tube retails for $3.99.

Color Icon Eyeshadow Quads


This collection also includes two eyeshadow quads and as I am sure you can guess, one is for the Fire side and one is for the Ice side. The quad for the fire side is called the ‘Fit For a Queen’ palette. It obviously has more warm tone shades. The quad for the ice side is named the ‘Mythicool Creatures’ palette. It included four cool toned shades!

In the past, I haven’t been the biggest fan of Wet N Wild eyeshadows but I am really excited to try these! I really like that each of the four shades have a purpose and they are clearly labeled for the customer. They each have a transition, crease, eyelid, and brow bone shade. Each of the palettes retail for $2.99.

Color Icon Bronzers


The Fire Dragon side of this collection includes two bronzers! One is called ‘Queen’s Land’ and the other is called ‘You’re Dragon Me Down.’ They both look fairly warm toned and slightly dark for my skin tone. I am not sure why they would include two bronzers – they look fairly similar but I haven’t tested them out yet so they might be completely different. Both bronzers have a dragon embedded in the powder which is cool!

Bronzers are some of my favorite makeup items! I love testing out new ones so I am so excited to give theses a try! Each of these bronzers retail for $4.99.

MegaGlo Highlighting Powder


The Ice Dragon side of this collection include two highlighters! The icy blue one is called ‘Halo Walkers’. It looks like a really unique shade. The icy white highlighter is called ‘Winter Falls in LA.’ Both have a unique design embedded on them.

Both of these highlighters look fun and definitely icy! I think they definitely make sense to be on the ice dragon side! Each of these highlighters retail for $4.99.

MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Lip Topper


Last but not least, this collection comes with four metallic lipsticks! There are two for the inner fire dragon. ‘Redlings’ which is a dark metallic red. ‘Queen’s Blood’ which is a metallic copper shade. And then of course, there were two for the inner ice dragon. ‘Shall We Slay’ which is a dark grey brown metallic color. ‘Icing On The Wall’ is a dark blue metallic lippie!

I LOVE the packaging for these lipsticks! They remind me of Jeffree Star’s lipsticks but I also love the lids. They either have flames or falling ice on them. These aren’t shades that I use all the time but they do look pretty fun once in awhile! Each of these lipsticks retail for $4.99.

So if you were going to buy everything separately in this box, you would spend around $62. Overall, this collection looks like a lot of fun! Everything seems so detailed – I really like the way they put it all together. Stay tuned for reviews for each item!

Let me know down below what you think of this collection! Have you tried anything yourself? Also let me know if you are interested in any reviews – I will make sure to get to them first!


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